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You've got a Curse!

By Joseph Ghabi

It is tough being here on this plane. You have your life to handle, your family to deal with, and you can't help but feel responsible for them. You work 9 to 5. You try to squeeze your life around according to what suits everyone else and disregard your own needs. Time is moving faster than you can handle. You are seeing your life fly by in front of you. You feel depleted and have no energy left for you to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet. You try to read some books for insight, read articles, go to workshops and are willing to try anything in order to solve your issues. You may end up with things changing slightly, but never quite to your liking.

Then, you hear or read that it may take a lifetime to heal a single issue in your life. You feel like you have few issues to deal with and feel like you are at the end of your rope. You hit bottom and feel desperate, frustrated, invisible and perhaps angry at yourself for not handling your life differently. When placing blame, your finger points to everyone except to yourself. Doors seem to be closing everywhere you go, and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

You may decide to seek advice from an intuitive psychic to provide answers to help diminish your desperation but you also want the answers to be to your liking. You want, in a way, to hear what you want to hear. Your energy is all over the place. Lost and exasperated, you accept anything that may help solve your issues. Your psychic may pick up your vibration, but remember that unfortunately many psychics have a set of their own issues to deal with. You think a psychic needs help? You may feel that they are extraordinary people who should know everything. They are gifted but how many of them listen to their own messages to help resolve their own issues. And here you are finding that your life is dependent on them and what they say. Remember, a psychic is a human being after all. They have issues too.

You are told by your psychic: You are cursed!

You experience a moment of silence and then start asking for more. Is it a way of creating excuses and helping you to believe that if it was not for being cursed your life would be better, your work would improve and your relationships would blossom? Then your psychic tells you I can help your situation by removing this curse. You feel much better coming out of the reading knowing that someone will remove this curse from you. You disown any responsibility and convince yourself that all of the problems in your life are due to the "curse".

There are always people in the world that wish you bad things, either out of jealousy or envy, and hope for bad things to occur in your life. Any curse will work the minute YOU start to believe in it and allow it to take over your life.

In reality we all have curses on us, which were generated by all of the bad things that we did in our previous lifetimes. It does not mean you are cursed but that the guilt inflected upon your soul is meant for you to set a better example, or have a better understanding of your previous wrongdoings. After all you can still fix it up in the end. This has to be your own choice, and only you must take on the responsibility to break your patterns.

Whether you are a celebrity, a rich man/woman, a president or a dishwasher, a writer or a psychic, you still have issues to deal with in this lifetime whether you like it or not. We humans are NOT perfect, regardless of whom we think we are. It's just that the level of imperfection may vary from person to person.

I can remove a curse from you but are you ready to deal with it? After a moment of silence, think... do you have some work to do? Yes, you certainly do.

Removing a curse can simply begin by starting to understand your life, your experiences on this plane, and dealing with them once and for all. Are you ready to take on the risk and challenge yourself? Be honest with yourself for once, because the answer for many of us is "probably not". Our life would be lost if we misplaced the TV's remote control wouldn't it? We all wish for a magic pill that would make us forget everything and give up the opportunity to start all over again. That pill doesn't exist and just might kill you if it did. The moment you would be dead you would come back again to finish what you never dealt with in the first place.

For the ones who feel that they have no issues at all to deal with, have you asked yourself why you are here. Show your growth and start helping the needy with the wisdom you acquired throughout your evolution. Show THEM the way and stop waiting for voices to show YOU the way. Shine through it and start helping.

I will present two scenarios now to exemplify these points:

You get laid off and are now out of work. You decide to start looking for another job. You wake up at 11 in the morning, have your coffee, turn on the TV and speak to some friends. You dress up and go look for a job during other people's lunch break. You drop off a few resumes here and there and go back home and sit and watch Oprah for some inspiration. Going through that routine for several days while waiting for that phone call telling you to come on down because you got a job. That might happen in a Hollywood movie but not in real life. The reality is in the way we handle our own personal growth, our responsibilities and how we deal with our life in general. Looking for a job is a job on its own. Meaning it starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. You submit resumes, you network, make phone calls and you do whatever it takes to land a new job opportunity. It may even mean being humiliated sometimes. You need to step back in order to recover and launch yourself forward again. Or you can try something totally different. There is no limit when it comes to dealing with your own life.

You may have had a few problems with previous relationships and you know it. It always results in a dead end for similar, or familiar reasons, but always with different partners involved. Now you are single again. What do you do? You start going out trying to get people to set you up in order for you to meet someone new and help you forget the hurt you've experienced from your previous relationships. You've miss out on a golden opportunity while you were single. How many of us will actually take this break between relationships to start analyzing and try to understand their previous relationships to see why, and where, they really went wrong? How many even try to see the established patterns from those relationships? Oh! I am sorry. I hear it is NOT your fault. When you are alone and have only yourself to talk to will you realize that you are the only one who really knows deep down what went wrong with those relationships. You lived through those relationships and you are your own best expert when it comes to your own patterns. Many of us start to feel lonely, feel they may need to be dependent on someone else in their life to handle their problems. In reality, by doing this, you are creating a bigger problem in your life and will end up turning in circles. So you can't wait to jump on another opportunity to be with someone new. A new relationship at this point will not erase your patterns or erase your past. Learn something about yourself. You owe it to yourself. You have had a bad track record in your past relationships. Isn't it time to seriously take a look at this? Admit it; sometimes it is your fault. Think about it for a moment!

If you have a past history when it comes to relationships and have never dealt with it, the moment you are in a new one you'll see that the honeymoon will soon be over. It won't be long before the relationship will start to feel routine and you really start to come to know that person's characteristics outside of your bed and your bedroom. Do you think for a moment that old issues won't surface? Think again!

We will always attract similar people and similar situations until we finally understand our patterns or our lessons in this lifetime. Until you deal with your life properly then you will never be exposed to new environments, situations or surroundings.

So now what is easier, to deal with your life obstacles once and for all or to keep dragging baggage around all your life? You are not allowed to skip steps in life because it would defeat YOU being here on this plane in the first place. Praying and repeating affirmations all day long will not help you either. You still need to do most of the work yourself.

That is our sad story during a human lifetime. Our understanding for being here is totally misunderstood. We are misinformed about our be-ing, our spirit and our soul. For the ones who claim it takes a lifetime to fix yourself, just imagine that our soul wants us to fix (for example) 5 different lessons and experiences in one lifetime. Then it is going to take you 5 lifetimes coming back here to accomplish it. Dealing with your life and never feeling sorry for yourself should not take more than a lifetime. Six months to a year, with good intentions and a willingness to deal with your life is sufficient to put things into perspective. Don't do it as if you were looking for a job. It is a whole job on its own and requires your full attention and dedication. After all you are worth it. If you think you have so many issues do not even look to the one on top of your list or your last experience. That experience is only an accumulation of what you never dealt with from your previous experiences. Just go straight to the bottom where, buried deep inside of you, the answer lies. I promise you, it works. Just stop making excuses for you not working on yourself.

Remember it is not about the experience or the lesson involved but more about how we deal with it in the first place. In the end, it is worth it to try. Once you decide to do something about your life, ask for help from the universe and the help will appear in front of you. Trust yourself and trust the universe around you.

Joseph is an avid writer about human life issues. Joseph has also begun writing his first book, Blueprint of Your Soul, which discusses issues in respect of our typical human habits and patterns that we accumulate throughout our lifetime.
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