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The 12 Houses in your Janma Kundli

Astrology is a vastly popular field that integrates science beautifully into art and tradition. The study mainly involves calculating the movements and positions of the celestial bodies in the solar system. There are 9 main planets, including the sun and the moon and nearby stars that play vital roles in the way your life unfurls.

While making predictions, astrology relies on one chart above all else—the kundli. The kundli is a birth chart that diagrammatically represents these positions of planets, zodiacs, stars, and houses.

In uncertain times like this, going to astrologers and spending so much time and money is not the greatest option. Luckily, today experts have taken their practice to the internet. You can have a free kundli created and deciphered in no time.

The 12 houses of astrology

In Vedic Astrology, there are 12 houses placed on the zodiac belt. These houses are points through which the planets move. Each house stands for a particular aspect of a person’s life, including health. The houses can be easily mapped out on your free kundli chart. Astrologers mention that the stronger the house is, the stronger those aspects of your life are and the lesser the chance of being influenced by maleficent planets. Each house is also ruled by a native ruler and a native planet.

Below are the 12 houses along with what they signify and who their native rulers are:

1st house:
The 1st house is also known as the rising sun or the Ascendant. This is closest to the sun, and hence portrays the outward impressions of your character. It signifies your physical health, confidence, ability to socialize, ego, and so on. The native ruler of the first house is Aries, with mars being the native planet.

2nd house:
The 2nd house, referred to as the house of possessions, signifies the material aspects of the physical world. Wealth, the ideal of self, fortune, and more are explained under this house. The native ruler of the house is Taurus, whereas the planet is Venus.

3rd house:
The 3rd house signifies communication; your communication with the world, people, yourself, technology, and immediate surroundings. The native ruler is Gemini, and Mercury becomes the native planet.

4th house:
The 4th house is “home,” signifying your physical home. This house also involves the nurturing intuition you possess, the relationship you may have with your parents, and the impact of people, especially strong women in your life. The native ruler here is Cancer and ruled by the Moon.

5th house:
The 5th house talks about children. It could be your kids, pets, or a creative “child” like an idea or product, anything you brought into this world and nurtured. Leo and the Sun are the native rulers of the 5th house.

6th house:
This house sheds light on the work or service you will do and also speaks on how you will approach your work, routine, hygiene, personal health, and so on, and also the kind of service you may provide. The native ruler is Virgo, and Mercury is the native planet.

7th house:
The 7th house is considered as the house of others or partnerships. It shows what kind of long-term relations and partnerships you may form in your life and their outcomes. The house is natively governed by Libra and Venus.

8th house:
The 8th house deals with birth, death, and sexuality. It sheds insight on reincarnation, birth, and also intimacy. Scorpio is the native ruler, with Pluto acting as the native planet.

9th house:
The 9th house is also known to be the house of travel and philosophy and signifies expanding horizons. It is natively ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter.

10th house:
The 10th house is the house of careers as well as fame. This house shows you all the aspects of your professional life. It looks into which work would suit you best and which would trouble you. The native ruler is Capricorn, and the native planet is Saturn.

11th house:
The 11th house is the house of friendships. It will show you your relationship with friends, people you love, and even talk about your hopes and ambitions. The house is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius.

12th house:
The 12th house has many names like the house of karma, the house of the unconscious, and so on. It deals with secrets, death, and things that can confine us. The native rulers are Pisces and Neptune; therefore, the house also reflects on self-indulgence.

Experts online study each of these houses, planets, and zodiacs and practice with thousands of different combinations of the three to draw out a free kundli to decipher the future aptly.

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