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How You Can Use Self-Hypnosis
to Cure Your Anxieties

By Cory Threlfall

Has any of this happened to you?

  • Your boss ends your Monday with a stack of papers and instructions that you must submit this report in the next 48 hours or else...
  • Your significant other doesn't answer your calls when you need to get a hold of them the most
  • Your mother sends you guilt-tripping messages that you don't come and visit enough
  • Your landlord completely ignores you when you tell her that part of the ceiling is leaking in your apartment
  • Your credit card bill is getting HUGE and is taking over in your dreams

At this point you're probably starting to feel a throbbing pain in your temples like your head is about to explode. EASY does it. You certainly don't want that to happen now do you? Sit down and take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax and unravel your inner thoughts.

Sometimes, when taking control over a chaotic life, a stressful situation, a physical ailment or an emotional dilemma, you observe that it usually starts within yourself - your mind, and specifically, your "Subconscious". Communicating with your subconscious doesn't have to be seen as being difficult. Negotiating with your own self (yes, I know it sounds kind of crazy, but hear me out) can be achieved through a form of mind control called "Self-Hypnosis". Here's a sample of the basic procedure in 7 easy to follow steps...

Step #1. Find a venue conducive for relaxation.
Find a quite room, with a comfortable temperature and set the lights just right (not too dim, not too bright). Then... light a candle and incense if you desire.

Step #2. Surround yourself with sound pleasant to your ears.
Play some relaxing music. Bring in a portable fountain. Hang some chimes where the breeze blows. Why? Because the sound of music is soothing.

Step #3. Find a comfortable position.
Surround yourself with the things that make you feel the most comfortable. For example, your pillows, blankets, your favorite pair if joggers, whatever you like. A caring, healing sensation always eases stress.

Step #4. Tell yourself this:
I am light, I am comfortable, I am at ease with myself. All my tensions, worries and anxieties are gone. I am light, I am comfortable, I am at ease with myself. (Repeat many times while breathing deeply and with your eyes closed.)

Step #5. Picture what you want your life to be.
Visualize every detail, every situation that you want to happen. Imagine it so... as if it is really happening at this moment.

Step #6. Repeat step #4.
Breathe in, breathe out. Now... imagine yourself being surrounded by a bright, luminous light starting from your forehead until it fills the whole room.

Step #7. Wake Up!
Simply wake up when you're ready and feel refreshed.

Repeat this procedure regularly as needed. This exercise simply helps you clear your thoughts. It may also lead you to self-revelations that will help you assess the situation on how you want to live your dreams.

It may or may not work, your goal may or may not be achieved - the universe has reasons humans may not fathom. The important thing here is this: "Self-Hypnosis" will help you become a better, calmer person that's More attuned to themselves, and more willing to help others. With all your tensions and worries away, who knows what you may accomplish in the coming days, weeks, months and years that lie ahead.

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