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5 Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself
After a Stressful Period

By Jolie Andre

Whether you accept it or not, stress is part of everyone’s life. It can be job stress, health-related, financial stress, and stress about your kids or relationships. This is a very common occurrence. But sometimes, you will have to go through a lot more than what can be called “COMMON.” After such a stressful period, it is very important to take out some time to rejuvenate yourself. Most of the time, this time for yourself lies somewhere at the bottom of your to-do-list. But that is not how it should work. Only when you are stress-free, will you be able to concentrate on other things in life. 

So, next time when you feel stressed, here are five ways to rejuvenate yourself. 


What can be a better way to relax your body and mind than meditation? Meditation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get out of stress. You don’t need a trainer, nor do you have to get trained to meditate. You just need to find a quiet place and start meditating. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Just try to feel how air is entering and leaving your body. In the beginning, you will have other thoughts hitting your mind. Don’t try to get them out forcefully. Just try to concentrate on your breathing alone, and the chaotic thoughts will leave you. 

Adventure sports:

Do not put barriers against yourself. Instead, try to find yourself, and that is when you will know your true potential. Try adventure sports like boating or fishing or something full of adrenalin like river rafting or rappelling. They are thrilling, and adventure sports are known to be the best stress busters. They leave a soothing effect on your mind, as your mind is focused on the task. Whether you have gone through a very stressful situation or just need a break, you are surely going to forget all your worries and enjoy the moment. Plan a getaway for a day, as it can rejuvenate your mind. 

Find your hobby:

Most of us have our favourite hobbies; try to find what yours is. Something that you loved during your school days or college days, or something that you always wanted to do but never got a chance to do. You can try doing it during this stressful period. This helps a lot. It relaxes you from the inside. Check if there are classes for your hobby or a community that can help you explore one. It works when you try to connect with like-minded people in doing something fun. It can be dance, craft, painting, or anything that you love. 

Disconnect yourself from outside:

Usually, when you are stressed, most people advise you to spend time with your near and dear ones. But the opposite can work wonders too. Yes, instead of connecting with people, you can try to disconnect yourself from the outside. Just switch off your mobile, shutdown your laptops, computers, say NO to social networks, to everything that takes your stress levels up. Just spend time with yourself. Cook something you love, enjoy your food and do all that you love solo. 

Reading books:

When we say BOOKS, it does not have to be something related to stress alone. You can read any book that you love; a book that can take your mind off from everything else. Reading books can be a great way to get relief from stress, it takes you into a different world altogether. Leave your daily tasks alone and choose a clam corner to get cosy with a book!

The most important way to rejuvenate yourself after a stressful period is to dedicate time for yourself. Having alone time or relaxing time for yourself is as important as trying a new hobby or meditation. It is crucial to wind down and think of nothing for some time, cooling off from the daily grind.

Author Bio

Jolie Andre — I provide tips to overcome stress and have a well balanced lifestyle. The outdoors is where I feel complete. Adventurous trips and activities like boating, fishing, camping and trekking appeal to me and I love being amidst the nature. Over time, I learned tricks for safe boating and also explored accessories and safety gears to overcome issues during a boat ride.

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