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Tips to Better Understand Your
Emotions and Feelings


By Kari Oakley

Emotions are always with us. You will laugh with your closest friend and be happy. But emotions are not just subjective experiences. You will also want to understand your emotions. In recent years scientists have studied the essence of emotion. They study how emotions are created, how emotions manage our behavior, and how emotions are affecting our bodies and minds. Understanding your emotions is an exciting activity to help you control your emotions and actions.

Regulating Emotions

Because emotions play an important role, pay attention to your emotions, study your emotions, and recognize your emotions, and understand the impact your emotions have on you and yours. Please give me. Feeling sadness and anger, thinking too much about myself, trying to change one's mood, lying on oneself, feeling good, things around me are wonderful, this lie is a reality, effective. Academic research shows that even if you write it down, share it with an intimate person just to express your feelings, it feels really good, give it a try, and that a healthy person is happy. Satisfied, because they are not keeping bad feelings or negative feelings in them, but sharing them and overcoming them. To express yourself is only to express you and your feelings. You'll want to understand your emotions before making decisions.

Understanding Your Emotions

We have the ability to change our lives by being more aware of our emotions. Understanding your emotions, managing your emotions through conscious thinking so that they do not hijack your brain, and through conscious behavior can actually change your brain through neuroplasticity. You have the ability to change the shape and function of your brain based on how you handle repeated emotions and thoughts. Act and change your life.

Emotional Responsibility

Understand that you are responsible for your emotions. If you feel sad or depressed, that is something coming from you. Understand that it is not another's responsibility to make others feel better. But people may help support you, encourage you, listen to you and talk to you. But sometimes people are busy and they cannot talk to you. Don't worry too much about it.

Observe your emotions and carefully observe how you handle them. Do you feel happy, crazy, sad? How do you feel now? What was your feeling yesterday compared to today? The ability to recognize your emotions can better understand and emotionally improve yourself. Before leaving a situation, give yourself the space necessary to develop some basic psychological information. Instead of being filled with strong feelings, you can choose how to answer what's going on.

Emotional Intelligence

In addition, emotional intelligence is a factor that affects communication with others. The higher the EQ you develop, the easier it is for you to understand the emotions and feelings of others, which is known as empathy. In other words, empathy can help you build better relationships and improve your social skills with people. People with high EQs are good at managing people, influencing them, resolving conflicts, and working as team members. So, even if you do not want to understand your emotions for yourself, please understand it to be with others. This is worth it.

Helping yourself navigate and mark your emotions is an important step in improving your emotional intelligence. How you define your emotions is an important way to better explain and understand the information you have about yourself. Also, understanding your feelings better helps you to understand the feelings of others. For example, if you feel dissatisfied with life, consider pursuing a masters program online.


You choose your emotions. You are the commander of your ship. Emotional horoscopes are tools you can use to improve your mood, spread your personal energy, and control your emotions. We all choose to spend our lifetime on this planet to achieve the clear goals of soul evolution and personal growth. Growth needs to be pursued, otherwise you don't want it. In other words, you need to experience life's difficulties. Then choose growth, choose a better feeling and choose to expand.

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