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Christmas' True Meaning:
Refuge from Seasonal Depression

true meaning

By Mikkie Mills

You can fight seasonal depression by seeking refuge in the true meaning of ChristmasAs the days get shorter and colder in December, many of us are prone to seasonal depression. However, thinking about the true meaning of Christmas can serve as an emotional refuge from those feelings of sadness experienced in the dark days of December.

The Birth of Our Savior

First off, our savior, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas day. That is something to be joyous about. He arrived from heaven, was born in a manger and grew up to live a perfect life full of substance. On the day that he was born, there was so much happiness in heaven. Why shouldn't there be happiness down here on earth, right now?

The Legacy of Our Savior

Think about how our savior has affected our lives, today. There is no doubt that Jesus and His teachings have affected the lives of billions of human beings. The world would have been a much different place if His teachings did not spread. Our lives would be different. Perhaps different human beings would exist in our place! When we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating a turning point in world history. We owe our physical existence to Jesus and the set of events that He brought on.

Also, we should give credit to Jesus Christ for the development of the cultures that we now live in. He greatly influenced cultures for the better. His teachings permeated so any people's cultures that many cultures, even ones that are now more secular, owe Him credit.

The Darkness and the Brightness

From the beginning of Autumn to about the time of Christmas, the days get shorter and colder. However, around the time of Christmas, the Earth goes through the winter solstice. On the winter solstice, the days start to become longer and longer, once more. On the winter solstice, we regain hope that the days will grow and that warmth will come again. This can be compared to the birth of Jesus, who was born on Christmas day and grew brighter and stronger until His great sacrifice. Jesus was born around the solstice and, just like the sun's light, He grew and grew. His warmth became warmer and His light became brighter.

Revel in the Moment

Christmas is about looking back at what you have and what you are grateful for. It is about appreciating the moment that you are in. Nothing stays the same and everything changes. Revel in every moment of the present and have appreciation for everything around you. Are you in a cold climate and you wish that you were in a hot climate with palm trees? Well, take a moment to appreciate the snow and cold air outside. It has its own beauty to it, and some people wish that they could be around snow and cold air!

Look at Christmas as a unique time with its own beauty. Do not dwell on whether it is cold, or whether it is darker outside. Depending on where you live, you will most likely never experience this beauty any other time of year.

Read the Bible

A great way to beat seasonal depression and to understand the true meaning of Christmas it to read the Bible. This will reaffirm your appreciation of Christmas and what our savior has done. There are many versions of the Bible, including the New International Version Bible, the King James, and the English Standard Translation. They all have the same message, but vary in how easy to read they are and how poetic they might be. The Bible speaks of the miracles that Jesus Christ performed and the events of His life.

Look Ahead

Christmastime is the ideal time to look back. However, we should also look ahead. We can look ahead by waiting for his coming. We can also look ahead by thinking about what we will do next in our lives and how we can live the best lives.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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