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How Colors Affect Emotions

By By Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

Colors have certain wavelengths, which can be felt and experienced. Emotions have certain wavelengths, which you can also feel and directly experience. Colors and Emotions are both composed of real physical vibrations. This means these movements of energy are affecting you even if you don't know it. So colors and emotions are constantly affecting you in everyday life.

For example, the colors you wear not only affect you but also the people around you. You are exposed to other people's colors, emotions and anxieties every moment of every day. For better or worse! And in turn, they are exposed to your colors, emotions and anxieties every moment of every day. For better or worse!

This means we are constantly exposed to either beauty or ugliness. Disharmony or harmony. The world we live in can be attacking us or loving us at any moment in time. This is the reason it is extremely helpful to become more aware of what is going on inside of us as we respond to these vibrations in our environment. We can stop reacting and start clearing our vital body so our colors are clear and our hearts are open.

I frequently choose the clothes I wear based on the color I need for the day. I sense and feel what color would be helpful, given where I am mentally and emotionally. This way I can consciously use a particular vibration to help me feel better or give me the courage to face my fears. Or balance my energy so it is not too fiery, which is my tendency.

I encourage you to develop your own intuitive ability to sense, to feel and to know your own emotions and the affect color has on you. This knowledge will help you move through the obstacles of life with more ease. You can perceive the qualities of certain colors with more clarity, depth and feeling if you stop and notice and consciously tune in to the information in the vibration.

To learn more about color and sound study and practice sensing color vibrations. Order "The Self Study Guide to Colors and Sounds" - which includes exercises. For example, you can experience color in a new way or know what color you need to look at for long periods of time to help open your heart. Or you might need a certain color in your room to help you sleep and a different color to face the challenges presented by your soul.

The beauty of life is you can use the inner and outer resources you possess to help you. You can expand and open up to what is really there. "What is" refers to physical reality, both internal and external, and metaphysical reality, both internal and external.

Metaphysical simply means that which is not physical. Yet the more we expand, the more it seems the wavelengths which had not been observable to most humans are now becoming more observable to more people. Sensitive people are beginning to feel, taste, smell, hear, and see more vibrations. We are tuning into more and more colors and tuning in to how these colors affect us.

You can certainly develop your human potential and learn to use more of what you have. You can learn to acknowledge your innate strengths, abilities and talents. Then you can access learn how to use your strengths to improve and enhance your experiences in life. When you do this, naturally your life will become richer and more vibrant.

Experience is what the soul wants, desires and needs in order to grow and flourish. Emotions are the foundation of experience. E-motions are literally energy in motion. This means that they are meant to move and flow. This is the reason feeling your feelings can quickly get your energy moving. And as most of you already know, flowing energy is exactly what creates health in the cells of your body. So the more you feel your emotions, the healthier you become. This vibrant energy naturally gives you a higher resistance to diseases of any nature.

Conversely, the fastest way to create disease is to inhibit your emotions. When you stop the full expression of any authentic emotion, your healthy energy gets stuck, thus creating stagnation. This stagnant energy is what creates mental, physical, and emotional diseases.

Use colors to consciously keep the vital energy in your emotional body flowing so you create more vibrant health. Besides being healthier you also have more fun, pleasure and many more peak experiences.

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