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Kissing Meets Your Pleasure Needs

By By Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

There are many wonderful behaviors and sensual activities that can meet your pleasure needs and oral needs. However, in terms of being healthy and good for you, kissing is at the top of the list. You can kiss the air, the mirror and someone else. You can even make smacky sounds with your lips like babies do. Try it now if you are alone or with someone who loves you.

Tell them this is your prescription from Dr. Jeanette to get more vital energy moving in your body, your lips, mouth and throat chakra. The Dr. ordered it and there are absolutely no negative side effects! How cool is that? So here is your Valentine Day prescription:

Smack your lips for three minutes, three times a day for the next 10 days. Take your first dose right now if you didn't try it already. Smack your lips like a baby.

Did you smack your lips?Or are you uncomfortable at the thought of doing so?Did your Inner Critic come out and make fun of you or me? Pleasure is still a forbidden, hidden "No-No" in our world. You can't give too much pleasure to someone else or you are a sinner. "Oh no, not that!" Of course, if you give pleasure to yourself you are perverted. "Oh no, not that!" If you receive any sort of pleasure from someone else you are bad, bad, bad! "Oh no, not that!"

Naturally, you don't want to be a "bad girl" or "bad boy" so you deny your need for pleasure and oral satisfaction. When you deny your oral needs, you are not tempted to engage in any of the sinful activities available to you. However, if you do break down and engage in pleasurable activities, you hide these enjoyable activities in the dark so no one will know or judge you.

Enough of this madness. It is time to accept and love your need for pleasure. Oral needs are essential, important and pleasurable. Even if you were breast-fed, you probably still have many, many unmet oral needs. And for those of you who were not breast-fed, you have a lot of catching up to do!

You can do your part to dramatically reduce the unhealthy habits across the globe by learning to meet your oral needs now in healthy ways. Just think, all the people who smoke cigarettes and cigars would cease the unhealthy habit of smoking if their oral needs were met! So let us free our oral needs and bring them to the light of the conscious mind. Let us admit we have pleasure needs and make way so we can enjoy fulfilling them. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

To start meeting your oral needs, smack your lips for instantaneous good feelings. Smacky, smacky, smacky! See how good it feels? Then make pleasurable sounds in your mouth as you smack your lips and make sounds. OOOO, EEEE, AH... AHA... AH... hum... hum... feel and notice where you vibrate when you make the sounds. Yummy...notice how your energy shifts when you do this exercise for three minutes. Notice your face, neck and throat chakra.

Remember: Smack your lips for three minutes, three times a day for the next 10 days.

Isn't' this fun? Meeting your oral needs will also reduce your need to overeat and overstuff your stomach so that you gain weight. Meeting your oral needs will keep you from being overweight in the first place and from gaining the weight back once you lose it. What a wonderful way to lose weight. No one needs a diet for weight loss, simply meet your oral needs.

Are you getting the hang of meeting your oral needs? I hope so. Oral needs are all about how you feed yourself, nourish yourself and empower yourself. Oral needs are about meeting your need for pleasure.

Back to kissing. If you practice the exercise above, it will improve your ability to be a good kisser. Subsequently, when you come together with a person you want to kiss, you will be more relaxed. You will be able to kiss slowly enough to allow yourself and the other person to have some degree of oral satisfaction and pleasure without making your lips tense. When you get anxious your lips become tight. Anxious lips are cold, hard and sour. Relaxed lips are warm, soft and sweet.

If you get the anxiety out of your body about meeting your pleasure needs and your oral needs see how much fun you can have kissing and smacking! On Valentine's Day have fun meeting your needs by kissing others, the mirror and the air.

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist, creator of a new, holistic psychology and author of Overcoming Anxiety Naturally - an effective, empowering solution to anxious lips, nerves, and body.
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