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Are You an Energy Awareness Expert?

By By Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

If you are aware of energy you can cut through to the bottom line immediately to solve your problems at their source quickly and effectively. Once you know the difference between healthy energy and unhealthy energy you can quickly transform your emotional, mental and physical problems by making healthier choices. If you are a healing professional, such as a nurse or massage therapist, energy awareness definitely needs to be in your toolbox.

Truthfully, the more you know about energy, the more helpful you will be to your clients, no matter what business you are in. Consider the big company who has a bottleneck right up top with their vice presidents. If the president knew about this blocked energy, he would know the bottleneck is the reason the company is not making more money! Maybe you could be the consultant who shows him where the problem is!

In terms of psychology, The Vibrant Moment readers know energy awareness is the foundation of the New Psychology. You know that psycho-babble is old and ineffective. The Center for New Psychology and the information it offers, teaches gifted people and children how to become healthy by self acceptance. We do not want to talk at or medicate the people who are sensitive to life energy. The New Psychology definitely does not want to make sensitive children and adults fit into any of the extremely dysfunctional societies around the world. No, the New Psychology wants to empower you with energy awareness. This means you need to learn how to sense energy.

What are the Benefits of Energy Awareness?
You know instantly, without words:

  • What is happening in the moment.
  • When energy is defensive and closed.
  • When energy is open and flowing.
  • When depressed energy or anxious energy is present.
  • The moment he relaxes and feels better.
  • The moment she tightens up and feels bad.
  • When you are connecting with him and being helpful.
  • When you are not being received.
  • When you are missing the boat!
  • How your friend or client really feels, not how he tells you he feels.

If you want to get started with your energy awareness education you need to become more aware of your own human energy. Your own energy is what you perceive first, not someone else's! Therefore, your first goal is to get to know the haze in your own energy field. Next you need to learn how to clear the haze in your own energy field. Then and only then, can you see other people clearly. Otherwise, you are observing and sensing through your own haze!

Your haze can distort reality so you need to begin to clear away your haze. This energy haze is what psychologist call projections! Projections have a real, physical substance. The goal is not perfection but mastery. You will become more and more aware with practice. As you learn to clear away your haze you become more self confident and secure. Then you begin to see others with compassion and caring, not with judgment.

The first thing I teach in my Energy Workshop, Nature Workshop, or Overcoming Anxiety Naturally class, is to sense the energy between your own two hands. Even if you already know how to feel the energy in your hands, rest assured you can improve, expand and heighten your current awareness. So do this exercise often. No matter what level you are at in perceiving energy, you can become more proficient. New sensations, temperatures, textures, flavors, smells, sounds, colors and feelings can be tuned in to.

You also need to remember there is no such thing as "only one way" to know something. You sense energy through your own unique receptors. You want to explore, discover and put into practice your own special talents and gifts. A good teacher honors your gifts and helps you develop them.

After you have the ability to sense the energy between your hands, I teach you how to send energy from the right hand to the left hand, making sure you pay attention to the sensations and information. Next, you send energy from the left hand to the right hand. Again pay attention to any color, weight, tingles, warmth and so on. This is one way to check to see if your left side, feminine, or your right side, masculine, is stronger.

Try this and see how much fun it is to learn whether your right or left side needs more attention.

The basic energy healing skills you need to know are how to increase energy, stop energy, pull energy and push energy. You also need to know now to let your own energy flow and to allow the healthy flow of energy in others. Your success depends on feeling comfortable with healthy flowing energy!

Some people are afraid of energy. Many people are afraid of a strong, healthy flow. They are not in control so they get scared of the natural flow. This is one of the issues that you will need to address in order to become an energy awareness expert. You need to get comfortable with your own energy flow, which is your power. You need to learn how to use it wisely, first to heal yourself, and then to heal others.

Remember to breath and feel as you sense, so you have fun exploring your energy and power.

Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist, founder of The Center for New Psychology.

Or join Dr. Jeanette's Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program if you want to learn how to add energy awareness to your toolbox. All you need is Internet access and a phone, click here for information. Or email Dr. Jeanette if you want a private session - she can sense energy on the phone.

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