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How You Can Improve Your Mental Health
By Training Yourself To Think Positively

By Martha Jameson

We are living in a society of growing depression and melancholy. You can notice it in people as you walk by, in your friends and your family. It seems like everyone is suffering from this strong negativity that has infested their brains like a strange virus.

But negative thoughts aren't healthy. You can't think clearly or process information.

Even in the times when you panic, negative thoughts are to blame. Your brain is used to working with negative thoughts - it lost the ability to quickly process and solve a problem.

However, training yourself to think positively is something that could fix this.

How Positivity Affects Your Brain

Benefits of positive thinking are not just about feeling good. One of the biggest benefits of positive thinking is that you acquire an ability to easily embrace and use skills and knowledge later in life. There is more.

When the initial feelings of happiness subside, you get a whole another level of benefits.

Just think about it:

When you are positive and happy, you are active, you communicate with people and you open your mind up for new things and new skills. You have more time and more willingness to dream big and plan for the future.

When you are feeling down and negative, you have no strength to move, let alone talk or learn.

This is why positivity is beneficial.

Not to mention general health benefits.

Increased levels of stress lead to heart attacks more often now than ever.

But the stress is induced by negative thinking. A bit of positivity can change your perspective and turn stressful situations into opportunities to learn and grow.

“Negativity turns everything into a stressful place. You don't feel like your own head is safe anymore. But positive thinking can turn that around and make this world a better place for you and people around you. Your life will improve on so many levels once you transit yourself to positive thinking,” said Sasha Gordon, a health writer at 1Day2Write.

Train Yourself To Think Positively

The key to finding your positivity is training. Your brain is probably used to all of those negative thoughts and you need some learning and journeying before you can come back to your happy place.

“Training yourself to be happy and positive is a beautiful road. It’s paved with traps, of course. But in the meantime you’ll learn amazing things and you'll find that even the worst of difficulties in life can be overcome by simple, positive thinking,” said Amanda Putts, a writer at AcademicBrits.

Here are some tips on awakening your positivity:

  • Positive affirmations
    Some would make fun of positive affirmations but there is nothing laughable about them. They are a genuine way to become a positive person. You don’t have to write them down on a mirror or on a bunch of flash cards - or you can, if that works for you - but you do have to repeat them to yourself in stressful situations.
  • Visualise
    Create a vision board of your wishes in life. Whatever it is, it helps to have a clear map and an image of where you are going in life.
  • Use positive words
    Instead of saying ‘no’, ‘I can’t’ or ‘Impossible’ all the time, leave those words in the past. Say yes to something fun. Believe that you can. And trust that nothing is impossible.
  • Feed your brain with positivity
    Watch good movies, see beautiful plays, listen to good music, read books, poems and keep yourself inspired with wonderful things.
  • Protect yourself from negativity
    Exclude negative, energy-draining people from your life. People who leave you full of anxiousness have no place in your circle of friends.
  • Enjoy yourself
    Do things that make you happy. Stop trying to make others happy and do the same favour for yourself.
  • Happiness prevails anything
    Your own happiness and happiness of those closest to you should be your main priority. Money, material things and problems can wait. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy amazing things in life.

Author Bio:
Martha Jameson was always in love with reading and now decided to find herself in writing. She was a web-designer and manager, but now she switched to being a full time content writer at OriginWritings. She wants to share her experience, motivation and knowledge with her readers. 

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