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How NLP and Metaphysics Can Improve the Emotional Wellbeing of Employees

By Piercarla Garusi

I am sure you would agree that the most important resource of a business is not really the product or service, nor is it the customers; it is actually the employees, without whom the business would not exist. And if the employees are not feeling well then the performance decreases, and with it the productivity.

In fact, our performance and personal productivity is strictly linked to the way we feel, to our emotional state. There are so many reasons for which we might temporarily feel stressed or anxious or depressed, reasons due to problems both at work and at home; in fact, what goes on at home is brought into work and vice versa.

Now, is there something we can do when we do not feel good that is really effective and lasting? Can we empower ourselves to take control of our emotional state? Is it possible to feel good no matter what goes on in our lives or around us? Yes, but let us consider first the approach we would normally have when we experience an emotional problem.

Perhaps the first thing we would do is try to figure out why we feel anxious or stressed or depressed in order to do something about it and solve the problem. Now, if the reason is of a practical nature, let's say for example we need to delegate, then the problem resolves itself as we take action. But often the reason which causes us not to feel good is of a different nature and that approach does not work. Let me explain...

The way we feel depends on our thinking, on our beliefs and attitudes; it depends on our language, our self-talk, our physiology; it depends on the questions we ask ourselves; it depends on our focus; it depends on our assumptions, on the meanings we give to events, people's behaviours, situations we experience, which determine our reactions / responses; and it depends on the way we treat ourselves, on the level of care we have for ourselves. And the majority of our thinking patterns are below the level of consciousness, they are stored in our subconscious mind.

Now, if we focus on the problem, let's say we feel anxious, and we try to analyze it to find a solution and we try to understand the reasons why we feel this way, maybe even looking back to childhood, it would actually create more of a problem. And the reason is very simple, but often we are not aware of it...

It is simply basic metaphysics: what we focus on increases in our neurology and we create more of it. We often are not aware of how the basic spiritual laws of the Universe really influence our life, but once we know something about them, our life becomes much easier: the pain and struggle tend to disappear to make space for wellbeing and flow.

And there is something else to say about problem solving. Let's say for example we have a problem and we try to find a solution; do we find a solution? No, otherwise we would not have the problem now! It is just our mind that tells us that the solution is in our mind and even more, it tells us that if we do not find a solution, we need to beat ourselves up! Smart, isn't it? Our mind tells us we need to beat ourselves up because we have not tried hard enough or maybe because we 'should be smarter' or something similar. And so, we beat ourselves up, but we still have the problem and so we try to figure it out harder, we do not manage, so we beat ourselves up even more, and the circle goes on again and again trying to find a solution. And how do we feel? Worse!

Now, Albert Einstein said: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

The solution is not in the same level of consciousness and it does not come from the mind. If we think we are our feelings or our minds, if we identify ourselves with our feelings or our minds, then we get stuck. We are not our feelings, we are not our minds, no matter how bright we might be, we are by far immensely more than that.

And if we let go trying to figure out long enough, we will actually allow the solution to the problem to come to our awareness. Does it make sense? Probably not!

This is a different way of thinking which, combined with NLP techniques, will bring us freedom from limiting patterns, and thus wellbeing.

NLP, in fact, is very effective to help change the thinking patterns: our thinking, our beliefs, language, self-talk, meanings, physiology, and so on. It enables us to instantly feel good, no matter what goes on in our life. And if we combine NLP with metaphysics, with the knowledge of who we truly are and our real power, than we know the secret of true wellbeing.

Copyright © Piercarla Garusi 2008 - All rights reserved.
Piercarla Garusi is a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotic Practitioner, Director of PG Coaching Ltd. She specializes in helping expatriates, foreign employees and foreign students relocate successfully and create a wonderful life in the new country. For more information on our cross-cultural coaching and training and how we can support your successful relocation in a new culture, please visit our website: PG Coaching, or email.
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