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Freedom from Resistance

By Hale Dwoskin

The following article will help you to start identifying and letting go of your resistance. Resistance is just another feeling and can be let go with the Sedona Method.

Have you ever started a project really gung ho and lost enthusiasm somewhere in the middle? That's resistance. Resistance is quite insidious. It's one of the main things that stops us from having, doing, and being what we want in life. We resist, in fact, even the things we really like - the things we care about. Sometimes you can't even get yourself to go to the movies when you want to go because resistance is reactivated. And if someone, including yourself, tells you to do something, that's a sure-fire way resistance is going to come up even if you want to do it.

I remember as a child growing up I used to hate when my mother would tell me to do something that I wanted to do because then I didn't want to do it anymore. When someone tells you, you should do something or you have to do something, what do you feel inside? "No way! Don't tell me what to do!" The same thing happens when you tell yourself what to do. If you say to yourself, "You have to stop smoking," what happens? "Oh, yeah?" Or, "You'd better not eat this anymore." You may eat even more. That's just the nature of the mind. It just doesn't like being told what to do. So resistance is operating all the time because we live in a sea of "shoulds" and "have to's" and "must do's" and imperatives. Any time there is an imperative, it stirs up resistance.

Resistance manifests in many different ways - some subtle - you just forget things that are important to you. Or you'll just find yourself gradually moving away from things that are really helpful - you're doing great with whatever self-improvement technique you are engaged in; you're really enjoying it; you just think it's the best thing since sliced bread, and three months later you're hardly using it any more. What happened? You hit resistance.

Resistance doesn't just happen with self-improvement; it happens in life all the time. And sometimes it's extreme, where you don't even want to get out of bed in the morning. Any time you feel like you have to, or you should do something, or you must do it, you're hitting resistance. Because the "should" creates an opposing force equal to or greater than the force that you're exerting when you're trying to get something to happen."

Stop "shoulding" on yourself or others.

One way to start dissolving your resistance and stop creating it in yourself and those around you is to ask rather than tell. Ask yourself to do what you are interested in doing instead of telling yourself. Ask yourself your friends, lovers, coworkers or children to do what you would like them to do instead of demanding or giving orders and you will be amazed at the results in much less resistance and much more loving cooperation.

Allow yourself to start noticing where resistance manifests in your life. As you notice resistance, allow yourself to welcome it and let it dissolve as best you can. Also, even when you feel really lost in resistance, notice the flow or openness that is there as well. It may be a much smaller percentage, however if you put your awareness on it, it will expand rapidly making it much easier to let go of your resistance.

As best you can, let go of resisting your resistance or judging yourself for having it and simply allow it to be there and then do your best to let it go.

The Sedona Method, a simple but powerful tool, shows you how to release the doubts that are clouding the path to your heart, or your inner awareness and spiritual being...


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