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The Increasing Importance of Developing SQ (spiritual quotient) Along With IQ and EQ

By Anchana George

What is the Spiritual Quotient or spiritual intelligence?

To answer the question, let us see what is meant by being spiritual. We humans have five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. Being spiritual is the realization that there is something beyond these sensory feelings. And intelligence means the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. So these words combined it means to realize the spiritual self and do things in the right way. Like IQ or EQ, SQ is the measure of a person's spiritual understanding.

Spirituality is often linked with religion; of course, it helps improve a person's spirituality, but that is not the only way. An atheist also can be spiritual. Being spiritually aware means having complete self-awareness. To look into yourselves and find answers to the very purpose of life. It makes your experience a more enriched one. In the twenty-first century, where humans interact more with machines, the importance of developing spiritual intelligence is enormous.

How to become a spiritually aware person?

It is indeed simple; spend some quality time with yourself. Switch off from the outside world and look into yourself, closely observe your thoughts. You will see how chaotic your mind is, how diverse your thoughts are. But as you progress through, you can see the difference; your thoughts get more organized.

If you have ever tried meditation, you will know that you will find it difficult as you start progressing a little. As your self-awareness increases, you will realize your anger, ego, and how much your actions hurt others. It is a challenging phase. It means you are becoming more aware of your actions and thoughts. But as time passes by, you will be able to control your negative emotions. And now you have become a spiritually aware person.

Why is it important to develop spiritual intelligence or spiritual quotient?

We have always been taught about IQ; the better it is, the best we are. We live in a society where IQ is given a lot of importance. IQ is simply the measure of our cognitive intelligence, how well is our ability to think logically and reasonably with the information we have. There was a time when it was believed that a higher IQ means you are more successful.

But later, it was realized a big brain alone is not sufficient; you need a big heart. There came EQ, the emotional quotient, which measures our emotional strength. How well we can interact with people, maintain our relationships. The people with more EQ tend to be more successful and happier than people with higher IQs.

Then came SQ, also known as the "the intelligence of meaning." It is what makes us understand the reason behind our emotions and actions. It makes us question the fundamental things, makes us realize the purpose of our existence. Spirituality within us makes us more human. The higher the SQ, the more enriching our lives will be; it means we are better humans, and that is what the world wants.

Benefits of having a spiritually aware society

Being spiritually aware means, you are more aware of your actions; you can live more responsibly. It gives people a more harmonious and peaceful life. It provides the strength to face out your problems and be more flexible to changes. Also, it means you tend to live a life that causes only bare minimum damage to other humans and nature. It gives you the ability to question the fundamentals and work against standard conventions.

You start to observe things around us, find out the harmony that exists between various items. We become a part of the natural world. So a spiritually aware society means there is more harmony. People tend to live peacefully with others and with nature. Moreover, it helps each individual to make peace with themselves; it is the path to find order from chaos.

Final thoughts

In today's busy world, it is crucial to find inner peace and connect with yourself. Even corporate giants have started to give prominence to spiritual intelligence as it helps improve its employees' better performance. To be spiritually aware means, you realize the immense potential within yourself. It, in turn, means you have a more meaningful, enriched, and joyous life.

Author bio:

Anchana George writes content for MindsterDX, a leading Digital transformation Company, also for Aufait Consulting, a top IT staff augmentation service provider in India. She is good at writing technical and creative content that gets client attention. She enjoys writing about innovative technical concepts.

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