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7 Steps for Dealing with Loss and Grief

Losing someone we value is a terrible experience that rips our soul apart and makes us feel vulnerable to pain. Be it the kids leaving us to build their own nests or losing a loved one to death, the pain is almost always unbearable. If you have suffered from this kind of pain and you are thinking how to deal with grief, then we suggest you try the following tips.

1. Accept Your Loss

The first thing you need to do is to accept your loss and try to avoid feelings like confusion, sadness, fear, emptiness, etc. that crop up when you lose someone. You should face the intense feelings you are experiencing and try to get a solution for them by talking to a friend, reading a book, praying, meditation or joining a support group. Do whatever makes you feel better.

2. Learn to Fill Up the Void

When we lose someone, there is a giant void within us. You should fill up that feeling of emptiness by doing stuff that makes your life more fulfilling and gives you some peace. It could be anything from getting into a new relationship or starting doing some volunteer work or even traveling to a new country.

3. Grow from the Loss

This may seem idiotic to some of you, but you should learn to adjust to the loss by learning something from it. You can learn to be more positive or learn to be more resilient than ever before. Make sure that whatever you learn is optimistic and not pessimistic.

4. Develop Positive Feelings

Another strategy that might help you is to replace negative feelings with positive ones. You need to push yourself to accept that you had a loss but now you need to get over it and live your life as stopping your life and grieving for someone who is beyond all the things in the world would bring you nothing but pain. Look for the positives in your life like your well-paying job or your existing family and be thankful.

5. Learn to Move On

Accept that you have lost a person who cannot be replaced in your life and keep good memories of that person within your heart. Do not think of the time when you lost them, think of the good times you had with that person and cherish them. If it helps, you can keep a picture of you with that person doing something fun like laughing with you so that you don’t remember bad but good times together.

6. Try to Be Emotionally Stable

If your emotional health is good, you will find positives everywhere despite a loss. If it’s not well, you will probably find negatives in a good situation. So, work on your emotional health and stability and set your mind towards feeling more positive in a bad situation rather than giving into negative feelings.

7. Boost Your Faith

The last bit of advice for you is that you start having faith. It doesn’t matter whether your faith comes from praying to a god or meditation or even by self-reflection. Just hold onto the faith and boost your heart’s peace with it. Faith is an amazing support system that helps a person to grow into a better human being.

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