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Energy Psychology: The Way to Overcome Irrational Fear, Anger and Anxiety

By Dondi Dahlin

You feel nervous about a talk you have to give this evening. But, you try a new technique you have heard about. Your fear dissolves in ten minutes and you deliver a great talk. What caused this change? How did you overcome your irrational fear?

Every time your husband s ex-wife appears at your home to pick up her daughter you are filled with jealousy. It makes no sense to your rational mind. This time, however, after using this new technique, you greet her with a genuine smile. You show her a new appreciation for each of your roles in your stepdaughter s life.

What caused these changes? You have been using Energy Psychology.

Energy Psychology is one of the most exciting innovations to come from psychotherapy in decades! People from many walks of life now claim that they are eliminating debilitating fears, prolonged grief, irrational jealousies, and pesky anxieties using simple Energy Psychology techniques.

Even veterans dealing with the intrusion of haunting memories, insomnia, and phobias are now getting help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that had in many instances resisted years of psychotherapy. International treatment teams are also finding that Energy Psychology is the best approach available to them for applying psychological first-aid in the field after a disaster strikes.

Energy Psychology provides you with freedom from the grip of irrational fears and anxieties, self-defeating patterns of behavior, and kneejerk reactions to challenging situations. Energy Psychology accomplishes quickly what even the best talk therapies accomplish only slowly. While these claims are extraordinary enough, what's most surprising about Energy Psychology is how easy it is to learn and apply.

Energy Psychology draws from the principles of acupuncture, but without the use of needles. It has also been called acupuncture for the emotions and acupuncture without needles. When you use the techniques of Energy Psychology, you tap acupuncture points on your body with your fingers.

This is combined with a variety of thoughts, statements, affirmations, and various physical tasks such as humming and counting. The method ultimately sends signals to the brain that rapidly reprogram your emotional responses.

Sound strange? Maybe, but it works. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people are reporting that it works! The tapping is believed to send signals to the brain that change your brain s response to the situation you are visualizing. Neurological patterns that interfere with your success, happiness, and wellbeing can all be targeted.

Some people learn Energy Psychology from a book. Others learn it from a class or from a therapist or other practitioner. While the tapping itself is easy to learn and can be done on your own, sound judgment in knowing where to focus your attention is critical. If you decide to learn it from a therapist or a class, then as with any health care treatment, be sure you do some investigation and find a practitioner you can trust.

After gaining an understanding of your concerns, a proficient Energy Psychology professional would have you:

  • Focus on a challenging situation or memory that is related to one of your key concerns.
  • Rate the amount of distress it causes you on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • Explore any internal conflicts about overcoming the issue and resolve them.
  • Tap on a series of acupuncture points located on areas such as your temples, chest, and hands while stating a phrase that describes the emotion you are focusing upon.
  • Perform a number of activities designed to engage both sides of your brain, such as counting or humming a tune.
  • Rate the issue again to get a measure on changes in your internal response to the situation.

After each round, there is usually a reduction in the intensity of the unwanted emotion. The entire routine requires only a couple of minutes and can be done multiple times and in different ways, depending on the complexity and severity of the issue.

Along with successfully helping victims of warfare and other cataclysms, Energy Psychology can be used for releasing you from the aftershocks of personal trauma. With it, you can also free yourself from the grips of everyday problematic emotions, such as ungrounded fears, anxieties, and jealousies.

In addition to its problem-oriented focus, Energy Psychology enhances peak performance. From professional athletes to business executives to caring parents, an understanding of how to work with acupuncture points on your skin can help calibrate your brain to bring out the best in you.

Dondi Dahlin is a freelance writer with a special interest in Energy Psychology and how it can help you quickly overcome irrational fear, anger and anxiety. Get her favorite book on the subject, The Promise of Energy Psychology and learn the simple step by step techniques to quickly change your unwanted emotions, habits and behaviors.
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