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Why And How You Can Control Your
Emotional Well Being


By Divyang Metaliya

There is an outbreak of emotional tragedies in everyone’s lives these days. Almost 40% of the population in the United States Of America is on psychological medication. Our social media posts revolve around miseries and this is an emotional outbreak that is very well reflected in contemporary cinema with movies like Joker. Today, I am going to unleash some dimensions of this social problem and demonstrate why and how you can control your emotional well being without any external support. I will share my experiences with Sadhguru’s teachings which you can use to embark on your well-being journey.

“We're consumers. We're by-products of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty -- these things don't concern me. What concerns me is celebrity magazines, television with five hundred channels, some guy's name on my underwear.” - Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Your boss isn’t going to please you. Your kids ain’t gonna sing sweet melodies all day. Probably, they will come to you with petty issues. Your car will not start for some days. Perhaps, this list goes on and it is not in your hands to change any of them. Should you be enslaved and feel emotionally vulnerable to everything that exists in this world and even in your imagination? No. Read below to explore the untapped horizons of human existence and the potential that dwells within you.

A small experiment to unravel the science behind the experience of emotion:

Sit down comfortably on a chair in a quiet room. Try to remember your favorite dish.

  • What is the color of that dish? How does it taste?
  • Would you like one more tablespoon of black salt in it?
  • Or would you appreciate if your spouse serves it on a candlelight dinner?
  • Do you have any childhood memories with it?
  • If yes, who’s the person associated with that?
  • Did they hurt you anytime?
  • Was it right to do so?

Now come back and analyze the answers. You went into your memory to fetch your favorite dish, experimented with the taste, concluded that more salt may ruin it, jumped to your relationship with your spouse and ended up finding faults of someone for a past quarrel. This medley of emotions were all created in your mind with little stimulus from my end.

You controlled your emotional journey for a brief amount of time. The problem is that you can’t do that all the time. The whole pain and unpleasantness is a creation of your own thought process. You didn’t exist in all the above-mentioned situations, but you felt all the emotions related to them. This experience discloses the fact that we are capable of experiencing any type of feeling by moving our consciousness in the required dimensions. Now we will study some effective techniques to make it a conscious decision through some time-tested Indian methods:

Paying Attention to Breathing

A lot of people don’t notice that their breathing is the reflection of their thought process. The emotions and thoughts are two closely related entities generated by the mind with the former being an evolved version. When you are angry, fearful, happy, miserable, and inspired; the breathing pattern changes radically. This is looked upon as a reactionary effect. But, the same breathing patterns can be used to replicate the relevant emotions in your mind. It has been known that smiling purposefully releases endorphins in your brain. (Scientific American)

Similarly, whenever you feel stressed out at the office or your spouse did something wrong, try breathing like you’re proud of that thing and behave accordingly. This will allow you to take command of your reactions to situations without being affected by your natural tendencies. This method is one of the most simple yet effective forms of meditation.

Eating the Right Food

We need around 2000-2400 calories a day to survive but we consume a lot more than that. Consuming more than the required food will require more effort to produce the same results. Moreover, when was the last time you ate some meat or had a drink. These are “tamsi” foods and they will lower your life energies. Higher-level organisms will try to influence your DNA and that’s why you should avoid consuming any such food. They will also make an impact on your emotions depending upon the exposure. Tamsi emotions such as violence, anger, jealousy, and contempt arise out of them. Try to eat fresh fruits as much as possible. This increases your perception Without the influence of such substances, your emotional well being happens with much ease.


Hatha Yoga

Yoga means union. The motive of yoga is to unite with the entire universe. By performing yogasanas regularly, one can control their experience of life. In essence, our internal mechanics are not tuned enough internally. Hatha yoga streamlines your energy levels and makes you feel comfortable in all situations. You will be able to deal with every situation without stressing out on them. The postures have a significant effect on your physiology. Consider the following experiment:

“Hatha Yoga is the science of using the body to prepare oneself for the ultimate possibility.” – Sadhguru

Run for some time and sit down with your legs folded. Now, place your hands on your knees with palms facing upwards. While breathing, change the position by keeping palms downwards. Repeat the process a few times and concentrate on your breathing. You will notice that when the palms face upwards, the air is collected towards the upper portion near the armpits. On the contrary, a downward direction results in air collection towards the diaphragm. Such is the effect of minute body movements which we make innumerous times without paying any attention. Practicing hatha yoga will empower you with complete control over the emotions, energies, and ability to conduct life consciously.

Summing Up

We have facilities all around us but the internal environment is flooded with self-created problems. We can have a happy life simply by creating willingness. A conscious decision backed by these practices will surely help improve your emotional well being but the major benefits are beyond that. Becoming the master of one’s destiny and deciding what to feel, how to react, and yet, remain untouched by circumstances will shape a great experience of life.

About the Author:
Divyang Metaliya is a Business Consultant at FactoHR, an India based HR and payroll software solution provider. He is a creative business strategist with more than 8 years of experience.
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