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Anxiety Issues and Impact on
Personality Development

By Jolie Andre

Anxiety is commonly seen nowadays as a state of tension. People who have this anxiety will show similar traits on personality. We will look into how it impacts your personality development and could be worked upon.

Issues faced due to Anxiety

  1. Overthinking
    In anxiety disorder overthinking is a very horrid personality disorder. Overthinking and anxiety are very good partners in crime. If a decision is made under overthinking circumstances, any move you make will lead to anxiety. It includes obsessing on what you did not say, should say, or said. Over analyzing and overthinking, everything is seen as common and casual in an anxiety state. And all these consequences never seem to be pretty.
  2. Perfectionism
    In this world full of messy, an anxiety person needs everything in a perfect manner. It occurs to do the perfect job of them. Making tiny mistakes feels them very anxious about it. They will spend a lot of time to be perfect.
  3. Resistance to change
    This is a common trait of personality disorder. To try a new thing, they will become very anxious to perform it. It seems like worrying about their lifestyle due to changes occurring in it. They focus on negative outcomes for a change.
  4. Empathy
    Anxiety people are empathetic people. People who have anxiety will make others feel good about them. According to its levels, empathy also differs from low to high. Guilt feeling occurs even with small mistakes towards society.
  5. Extreme imagination
    If the way of imagination seen as extremely indicates, then they are surely suffering from anxiety. Anxiety prevails is a state occurs if created scenarios are not fulfilled.
  6. Irritability
    Irritability is strongly associated with anxiety. Becoming upset and irritable too easily will cause anxiety. Because of being worry, they feel irritated about everything.
  7. Avoidance
    They avoid things that cause stress for them. Running from situations instead of dealing is due to anxiety.

Impact on personality development

  1. Physical health problems
    Chronic illness will occur due to anxiety or with the treatment of it. These chronic problems include asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Anxiety also leads to the cause of medical assessment. An overactive thyroid is seen in this anxiety cases.
  2. Mental health conditions
    Experiencing multiple anxiety conditions and other mental problems will occur due to anxiety. Anxiety and depression occur together to feel worried and upset simultaneously. One should be aware of these mental conditions if occur same time and care should be taken on mental state condition.
  3. Use of substance
    To manage the anxiety condition, people use drugs or alcohol for them. But using these substances will affect personality development.
  4. Stressful events
    Anxiety will impact stressful events such as work stress, relationship, family problems, emotional shock, verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, and death. All these events will lead to an anxiety state.

    To deal with all these issues, one should take suitable therapy or try remedies to decrease it like mediation and doing meditation. Everyone should be aware of such situations to reduce these personality traits.

Author Bio

Jolie Andre — "I enjoy writing on various niches like managing relationship, travel, stress management and performance management. I love spending time with my grandparents and I gifted her with a jewellery as our remembrance from one of the best Hatton garden Jewellers and she felt elated."

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