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Dusty Beige Wedding Dress:
Zion National Park Elopement with Cathy Telle

It's been a strange year for weddings, with lockdowns and quarantines. Many couples have had to postpone and cancel the big day and hope that they'll be able to rearrange it as soon as possible. 

We have a glimmer of hope, though, as the world starts to open up again, weddings are starting to happen again. To all the romantics and lovers, this is joyful news! Seeing photos of newlyweds in their gowns and suits will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Wedding Dress

A natural setting meets an earthy dress

If you are looking for dresses for your wedding, or perhaps you just love to admire wedding photos, check out this Zion National Park elopement. This is a gorgeous shoot with a contemporary, yet creative bridal look by Cathy Telle. The beige skirt and bodysuit set is paired with flowers by By Bloomers and styling by Forever More Events. The palette of the wedding scene is beige with hints of cream, orange, and gentle reds. This earthy palette perfectly matches the natural atmosphere of the national park, creating an intimate scene captured by Tyler Rye.

Try a unique alternative to a traditional wedding gown

At first glance, the bride seems to be wearing a Cathy Telle wedding dress. However, it's actually the Cathy Telle Monique skirt paired with the Mona bodysuit. This creative pairing mimics a full gown whilst giving the bride a unique option for her big day. 

Wedding Dress

The Monique skirt is flowy, and the fabric drapes elegantly, giving a dramatic full-length look. The dusty beige color is combined with a floral dragonfly motif for some intricate, feminine detailing. A blush-toned tie is styled at the back of the look to add more details to this soft, feminine bridal look. The bodysuit has a wide, V-neck cut which allows the wearer's decolletage to be shown. The garment's fabric is peppered with soft cotton floral appliques that match the beige hue of the skirt. 

Together, the skirt and bodysuit create a soft yet detailed beige wedding dress silhouette. This earthy, feminine look is perfect for anyone interested in natural weddings. As the bride joints the groom, we see the skirt billow and move with the wind, showing the craft and beauty of the fabric. This is the perfect wedding outfit for any woman that loves subtle details and fine materials. 

Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses of the future

Wedding dresses with color are slowly becoming more popular. While a classic white or ivory dress will always be in style, the appearance of more beige dresses and pink dresses shows how modern women adapt the traditional bridal gown to meet their own needs. Some brides even opt for bright hues or floral prints on their dresses, keeping the looks feminine but adding some vivid color to make sure that their dress represents their unique personality. 

Another popular trend at the moment is cotton lace wedding dresses and layered lace wedding dresses. The popularity of these handicrafts coming back into fashion means that these specialized crafts, such as making lace by hand and hand embroidery, can survive through another generation. 

Wedding Dress

The perfect wedding location

The wedding shoot also includes gorgeous landscape photography that pairs perfectly with the color palette. The scene tells the tale of love and families coming together in the natural world. This wedding is an inspiration for all budding brides out there, from the three-tiered white cake matching the snow-capped mountains to the hints of green in the landscape matching the sage green cups. 

Feel your best as a bride with the team at Cathy Telle

Cathy Telle's wedding dresses always make a bride feel confident and beautiful on her special day. Whether the bride wants a layered tulle wedding dress or a white lace wedding dress, the team at Cathy Telle has years of experience making couture wedding garments. Specializing in detail-orientated handicrafts, every dress made by the experts is one-of-a-kind. Although, the brand believes that wedding dresses should not be fast fashion, their motto" A dress worth saving for your daughter" reinforces their belief in the longevity of garments. 

Are you looking to buy a wedding dress online? Browse the online Cathy Telle store for more inspiration.

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