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Entrepreneur and Writing Skills: Why You
Have to Know How to Create Your Content

By Ben Grant

One believes that no one will write better than a person about his business. An entrepreneur is the best evangelist, the best herald of his ideas. It is he who can accurately convey the meaning that he puts into his product or service. Especially at the beginning of the journey. When the company grows a little, part of the work can be delegated.

And while the business is only developing, while you are building the structure, it is imperative to talk about marketing from your point of view. And not only because it is an integral part of communication with customers, but also because it is an instrument of self-determination, self-identification. You have to understand who you are and why your business is better than others.

Let's go from the opposite. Why do entrepreneurs turn to content marketing? Because traditional advertising in their case is either too expensive or ineffective. Content marketing is a longer-term, strategically thought-out, and systematic way to attract the attention of the audience, interest it in your product, arouse trust, convince, answer questions and objections and lead to a purchase.

Vital Steps to Build Your Content Properly

We can use contextual and targeted advertising to increase the coverage of our article or publication, to convey it to more readers. Thus, advertising is an integral part of content marketing.

Direct contextual, television and other advertising familiar to us works only at levels 4 and 5. Its task is to quickly attract attention and encourage the user to click on the ad. And this means that to solve the issue of recognition, trust, warming relations with a potential client, you need more text, more arguments, more stories. If you want your strategy to perform well, you have to realize and analyze the following issues plus go through these steps:

  1. At the first stage, a person is not aware of his problem. It is not evident to him.
  2. When a person notices his problem, he goes to the next step.
  3. In the third stage, a person is looking for a solution.
  4. Next, he selects a product that will solve his problem.
  5. Having decided which product he needs, he proceeds to the selection of a supplier.
  6. Choosing a supplier, the consumer makes a purchase.

The Reasons to Run Your Blog While Your Business is Gaining Popularity

There is no doubt that your blog can be a great helper for business. But how often do you need to update it? Some say it is daily, while others say it is stupid. According to HubSpot research, companies that posted more than 16 blog posts per month generated 3.5 times more traffic than those that posted 1-4 posts.

HubSpot also found that company size matters. Small companies with up to 10 employees attracted three times more traffic by publishing 11 blog posts per month than companies that published 1 article per month.

It is crucial to develop an individual program that can be followed for an extended period. When designing a program, determine how often your subscribers are ready to read publications.

This is a trial and error method that will take enough time, but in the end, you will get the perfect schedule for publications. If you are ready to post new content every week, and the audience is prepared to read it, then do it immediately!

Simple Ways to Boost Your Writing Skills by Creating Content

After the basic publication schedule has been developed, add a couple of days to it to eliminate irrelevant information. If you have a blog for more than a year, you need to refresh it. Here are some tips for doing this:

  • Review your archives. Find your old but still relevant articles and update them. A well-known blogger such as Daren Rose practices this method, and he discovered that it increases search engine rankings and attracts new readers.
  • Blog topic generation. There are such services that will help you come up with a blog topic in the absence of your ideas. If you need professional assistance – it is better to hire professionals who can help you with it.
  • Google Alerts. Select the appropriate keyword or phrase and set up alerts from Google. He will search for articles with a keyword and send you an email notification. Another useful tool will be Google Trends. The service shows the most popular articles for search queries.
  • Ask a professional in your field or your audience. Establishing contacts with leading figures in your industry is the key to success. They can introduce you to their audience, and this will expand your opportunities. You can also ask professionals how to maintain a guest blog better and even interview them for an article.

You can also ask your readers what they would be interested in reading on the blog. Post a photo of the most active reader on your blog. He will be pleased, and this will encourage other subscribers to be productive.

Why Your Texts Can Affect Your Business Emotions-wise?

The texts cannot but have emotions. If the text of the emotion did not convey - all the fiction simply would not exist. Yes, and advertising, in fact, too. We are animals in essence: at first, we react with our bodies and emotions, then we make reasonable arguments for it.

Emotion is visible and works in the text when there are facts in writing, the right style, and a clear language. And if the text has extra words and complex turns, then it goes out. If the structure is poorly structured and an imposed assessment, “unique, exclusive, beautiful,” beats over the edge, then there will be no response to the text.

Because of these words, a person does not have anything inside: neither a picture nor sensations nor desires. In order to create an emotion, one must masterly work with facts and follow everything that the info style speaks of.

The Right Time to Turn Your Content On

It’s time to start working on content when you realize that this is a tool necessary for your business. When you understand at least the basics of content marketing and agree that people still read the texts, which means that your posts on social networks and blog articles can attract you, customers, you can start searching for the right specialists.


When it comes to your business, all entrepreneurs must understand how writing skills are crucial for such a process. If you want to build a proper content strategy, you can rely on your writing skills and increase them by running a blog. Otherwise, you can hire professionals and create together a plan that can boost your content in terms of your business.

About the Author:
Ben Grant is a Marketing Communication Manager at LinksManagement and an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.
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