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Writing Practice: A Simple Tool
to Develop Awareness

First, let us clarify the definition of awareness in writing and what we need it for.

Developing awareness means developing harmony inside ourselves.

Of course, this means that everyone has to work on their awareness in one way or another. Otherwise, the lack of harmony will result in highly adverse outcomes. But what is the most effective and universal way to increase awareness so that everyone could do it?

How does one achieve awareness, and what can it help us with?

Now let us discover together what exactly increased awareness means to us. First of all, we become more centered and calm when we are regularly concentrating on our thoughts and feelings. In order to achieve this state, we need to work on self-development and learn how to tame our thoughts. To put it simply, we need to be intact with our wishes, dreams, cravings, feelings, mindset, fears, and all those other things to constitute our personality.

Another side of awareness is that upon mastering it, panic attacks or anxiety issues step aside. Stress comes with inexplicable worries (you usually have to spend some time figuring out the triggering situation and maybe using a therapist's help). Being aware of yourself, amongst other things, means that you know all your fears and triggers long before they may come up as an actual problem. This means that you can prevent most of the psychological issues, or it will be a lot easier for you to deal with them.

The next positive thing about awareness is that it makes us more calm and balanced, which means that we become easier to get on with. It is terrible to imagine how many people can sometimes see us in our low moments of an emotional slump, fear, anxiety, or anger, resulting in a hardly flattering opinion about us, causing problems in our business, social, and personal communications.

For example, imagine that your boss at work has made you responsible for a really challenging project; you are excited to do it and to prove your worth. You start working enthusiastically on it for days and nights. But when the day comes to pitch the project finally, you just can't pull yourself together, being too nervous and terrified to say a word because you realize how much depends on this project and what a disaster it can turn out to be for you if something goes wrong. Such a state of mind is usually easy to spot in others, so your boss notices it and becomes suspicious that you are nervous because something went wrong. Even if you manage to get yourself together, displaying uncertainty is how the opinion about you can instantly change from “this might be our future CEO...” to “I don't know about this one…”.

However, if you work on your awareness, your self-control will increase accordingly because you will know what exactly terrifies you and how to deal with that without anyone seeing it.

For this reason, working on awareness is going to bring you results not just as a self-healing practice, but it will also help you increase your communications.

Most common ways to increase awareness?

Now that we have figured that awareness means knowing and understanding yourself, let us talk about the most effective tools to help you achieve it.

As we have previously stated, the basic thing here is concentrating on your own thoughts and feelings. This means that it has to be something relaxing, away from any kind of distractions.

Surely, for every person, this might require a new setup. Some people prefer working on their awareness improvement while on a daily run; others can only do it while cooking, painting, baking, cleaning, sewing, knitting - there may be a billion kinds of options. However, the general requirements stay the same: working on self-awareness is most effective when doing something you like, something relaxing, something that provides you with a sense of absolute protection and helps you concentrate your mind on yourself, your thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Yet, even though every person works on awareness in their unique way, let us list the most popular activities to help you concentrate on yourself:

  • running
  • walking
  • meditating
  • drawing
  • sewing
  • cooking
  • cleaning up your place
  • writing (journaling)

Below, we will elaborate on the idea of writing practice and why this versatile option is the most effective one (in our opinion.)

Why is writing the best option?

We may have put the option of writing the last on the list above, but it is far from being the least effective. Most of those who tried it would say that it does make to the top awareness development techniques. And there is a good reason for that.

Imagine that you have a hectic and difficult day ahead with tons of arrangements to make and dozens of places to go to. Of course, the best way to handle that day would be to put up a to-do list, where you would list everything you need to get done, your schedule, and the best logistical way to finish this day successfully. This is precisely how it works with journaling.

When you put your thoughts on the piece of paper, they become more transparent, and there appears a structure. Within a modern person’s mind, things most often go chaotic, which is why we usually feel uncomfortable, anxious, or irritated for no real reason. In fact, there is always a reason for everything; it is just sometimes that we can't find it.

We can absolutely guarantee you that if journaling regularly, better every day, you will see the first positive results in several weeks. You will start feeling so much more centered and calm. This will mean a great deal for your inner-self, your social life, and even your career and studies.

Take a look at the team of Adsy professionals. These are the highly qualified writers, who acknowledge the positive impact of writing practice for awareness enhancement. These professionals manage to stay balanced and settled due to their writing practices. With time and experience, Adsy specialists mastered delivering their thoughts coherently, clearly, and logically so that any kind of reader could easily understand the text, no matter what level of knowledge they have on the subject.

Opt for a simple and accessible tool of versatile writing practices to develop awareness and reach new heights.

Frank Hamilton

About the author:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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