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How Writing Has Changed the World

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Writing has been a part of the human race from time immemorial. There are great stories about scribblers whose writing samples were the reason for the evolution of man. The boon of creative writing to the literacy world is very much understated. Writing dates back to the times when folklore tradition started to unfold, and the need to maintain it was as high as it still is. As kids, we were read storybooks of brave princes and beautiful princesses whose union bought two countries together. We also knew villains whose questionable characters helped us distinguish good from the bad. From a tender age, we became fair judges of character because of what we read in books. And as teenagers, keeping diaries and secret journals helped us to finetune our writing prowess, eventually turning some of us into exceptional writers today.

Growing old, we got to understand that humans had been speaking for centuries before the enlightened ones were inspired to plaster their thoughts on paper. Many years later, in the Mesopotamian days, more people could make out symbols and sketches to tell their histories. Even today, we identify as ‘people’ because of these historical notes. But it doesn’t end here; there are even more reasons to be grateful that writing exists.

Here are different ways in which writing has brought evolution to the world of man:

The evolution of physical health

From chemistry to medicine, writing has impacted the world of health in many ways. Be it physical or mental health; there are many benefits of history and literature books. For instance, creative writers usually have high cognitive and analytical abilities. Why because writing questions one’s thinking faculty, helping you refine your tact and memory. More so, there are doctors and healers today because old books have detailed the healing properties of plants for general health.

Irresistible marketing and promotional ads

Powerful creativity is hard to come by. And the power of words is deeply rooted in persuasion. In September 2011, a terrorist attack on America, which saw many citizens grieving, led to countless tributes for the fallen heroes. But the most powerful ad of all, Budweiser’s Super Bowl tribute, caught the attention of the Americans the most. This ad and many more have shown how adverts can propel social changes, raise awareness, and unite people. More specifically, beautifully written words are a force for change in the present society where words are becoming more critical.

Creating a literate generation

Many people have favorite authors, which could be a result of their writing style or wisdom. These writers have created a thread of mentorship which lures the fans into following a similar lifestyle pattern. Also, literature subconsciously sublets healthy living by improving the overall quality of life. It is quite easy to absorb words and consciously imitate the teachings therein.

Writing, in its many forms, has impacted the world positively. More than the methods that have been mentioned in this article, writing transcends all aspects of our lives. Thus, everyone is encouraged to harness their writing skills to be able to compete in society.

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