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How to Write an RFP That Will Get a Response?


RFP stands for Request for Proposal. It is a document that contains all the necessary details required for a business project. These requirements are distributed among the vendors.The contractors or agencies see this, and if they can fulfill the requirements of the project, they bid for it, and then the contract is taken.

RFP writing

A good RFP writer has to keep in mind some features that make it attractive, complete, and comprehensible. Writing a clear and professional RFP can help you get an active response.

Writing a good RFP

Here are some steps that can help the RFP writer write a good, responsive RFP:

  1. Clearly define all the needs of your project.
  2. Write a brief and comprehensive introduction.
  3. Pen down the history of your project and company.
  4. Explain the requirements of your project.
  5. Explain the ways you expect the vendors to respond.
  6. Explain the criteria on the basis of which vendors will be selected.
  7. Provide an outline of your timelines.
  8. Revise and proofread your RFP before giving out.

Once you are done with all these steps, your RFP is ready to be distributed out in the market, and you wait for the response on it. These steps are described in detail as follows:

1. Define the needs of the project

First of all, write about all the things you need to have in your project. Add bullet points of what you want from the vendors to work on, how the project needs to be done. What things should be avoided and what needs to be done properly. It might also include where the project should be done and by what time. Everything is decided and penned down at the start of an RFP.

2. Give an introduction

A brief and clear introduction includes the major points of your project. It describes the purpose of distributing your RFP. You can also write the problems that you might face, and you expect the vendor to solve it. It can contain key points or a summary of your project.

3. Explain the history of the company and the project

This portion helps the vendor to understand the background of your company and the main purpose and history of your project. It helps them evaluate your business and ponder if they can work for your company or not. Make sure you add all the details, rules, and regulations of your business in it.

4. Explain the requirements of the project

Give the maximum time to this step. Make sure you enter the complete list of your requirements from the project. Give a thorough explanation of what you need and what you want to avoid. Include your preference list and budget in this section.

5. Explain the method of vendor response

To make the evaluation and selection of the suitable vendor easy for yourself, it is advised that the RFP writer should design a specific pattern about how the vendors should respond. Include the complete structure of the response form in your RFP. In this way, all the vendors will receive responses in the same pattern, and it will be easier for you to select which vendor you are comfortable to work with.

6. Explain the selection criteria

In this section, the RFP writer needs to explain the method of how the candidate will be chosen from all the respondents. What type of experience will be cherished, and what kind of professional will the company prefer!

7. Note your timeline

RFP writer should mention all the necessary deadlines in this section. It helps the vendors plan their schedules. Mention the deadline for vendors to send their consent about your project. The time by which you want your project to be started and by what time should it end.

8. Revision and proofread your RFP

Thoroughly revise and proofread your RFP before distributing it in the outdoor market. It should be completely free of mistakes.

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