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How to Plan Your Work Day

Small and big business leaders alike need to juggle an awful lot of plates under an awful lot of pressure. Faced with a myriad of responsibilities in a high-pressure environment, how do the world’s top business leaders maximise their working time? And could looking at their routines help us juggle our own daily tasks?

OnDeck analyzed the work routines of 40 big business leaders to see how they achieved superhuman feats without burning out.

Providing a roadmap to productivity, the team created a series of images that breaks down the working routines of top CEOs. OnDeck also produced a timeline that reveals the average time these high-fliers, as a group, perform each of their work-based activities.

OnDeck has been helping small businesses get the funds they need to manage challenges and opportunities since 2006. For this project the team wanted to look beyond finances to see how managing the working day can help face the challenges ahead in running a small business...

How to Plan Your Work Day
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