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The Work From Home Migration

What a year it has been. Aside from the obvious health struggles of many, the impact that the pandemic had on our commute and work environment has changed - potentially forever. Through the pandemic, 88% of companies the world over either encouraged or required employees to work remotely. This in effect proved that work from home is a viable option - and not one that employees will want to relinquish their ability to do so. There has been recent talk of the great resignation - a movement where employees would rather quit and be forced to return to work as usual in an in-office setting.

Also of interest is that many people have left crowded cities searching for greener pastures - hoping for a greater value for their dollar, which is entirely possible if you can keep up a good job and move to a less expensive area. This in turn may help alleviate the modern wage gap.

Check out the following infographic for more information on remote work and the modern wage gap below:

The Work From Home Migration


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