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Why Work-From-Home Employees Can Strengthen Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to adapt to lockdown conditions, and businesses were not exempt from this change. In fact, as many as 35% employees primarily worked from home at the peak of the pandemic in 2020. However, this change to remote work revealed numerous advantages over traditional methods of working.

Since many employees enjoyed a better work-life balance through remote work, there is a more positive work environment fostered. Consequently, employee turnover is reduced by 50% and employee productivity shoots up 68%. On top of that, employees have a better work experience with more flexibility and less spending on gas and lunch expenses. The culmination of these benefits results in 98% of people report wanting to work remotely at least part of the time.

Overall, the implementation of remote work helps to realize many advantages over a traditional work environment. Fortunately, remote work platforms such as Unrubble make it so any business can take advantage of remote work benefits.

Why Work-From-Home Employees Can Strengthen Your Business
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