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15 Simple Tips to Becoming a Better Manager

By Christine Wood

These days, the profession of a manager is one of the most demanded professions in the labor market. No company can develop its business and become stronger without a manager, even the platform whom you can say “write my research paper online.” In general terms, a manager may be defined as a person who has a unique talent of guiding and leading individuals. There are many possible variants of management every person may choose. For instance, one can become a PR manager, tourism manager, sales manager, etc.

Starting one’s career as a manager, a person often faces a kind of dilemma of how to become a better manager and make sure that the company is moving forward its goals. However, it is not enough to have a profound knowledge of management to show the best results. Therefore, some simple tips may help both the beginners and those who want to improve their skills to become a better manager.

  1. Never criticize others.
    The position of a manager assumes that in every action of others a person should see first only good intentions. In case the results of a designer working on a project are not as good as you expected, he or she still put some efforts into it and tried to make it as appropriate as possible. There are many possible reasons why it could not meet your expectations. Probably, a designer had not enough time or knowledge needed to complete the project. A truly professional manager should never begin with criticism, but rather ask questions to understand the essence of the problem and solve it together.
  2. Work on your self-control and self-restraint.
    A productive manage is a person who is ready to answer clients’ questions, even though they may repeat them millions of times. You should always be ready to tell about the company's services to the client, outline all the nuances of work, and, at the same time, remain calm even with the pickiest customers. For sure, it is often very hard to work and politely communicate with customers, draw up transactions, and listen to all complaints with patience. And if you can easily control your emotions and do not feel anxious about the millions of questions –you are already a successful manager!
  3. Earn some trust.
    A manager is the first person with whom a potential customer contacts. He or she is the face of a company, and therefore it depends on manager what will be the first customer’s impression of a company. When a manager starts working with a new client, there are several stages of work, and one of the most important is the primary contact. This can be an incoming or outgoing call, interaction by e-mail, or even interpersonal meeting. A manager must present oneself and a company in the most favorable light, so you need to be the most intelligent, tolerant, and understanding person.
  4. Keep distance.
    Any manager underneath is a little bit a psychologist. He should know how to appeal to potential clients and demonstrate own status. However, as a professional manager, you should never allow yourself an informal approach to customers. Formal, business communication is a guarantee that clients will take a company seriously and responsibly approach future cooperation. Therefore, it is truly crucial to understand how it is important to keep a distance with clients and, at the same time, deserve their trust.
  5. Concentrate on your motivation.
    Remember that your motivation is probably the most important thing that will help you to achieve the best results. Do not expect that somebody will help you to find the needed motivation. Contrary to it, you should find it inside yourself. The love and passion for work is a major instrument for expanding your knowledge and motivation.
  6. Never violate a client’s personal space.
    Make sure that you do not annoy your customers and contact them only when a situation requires it. It is maybe a huge mistake to violate one’s personal space, contacting a customer through WhatsApp or Telegram. It is not only a pointless way to build a connection with customers but also may negatively affect your company's image.
  7. Do not waste your time.
    The time of manager is priceless as he or she works with hundreds of customers. Therefore, a manager should find time to demonstrate a personal approach to everyone. It is necessary for a manager to clearly understand which client is targeted, whether he or she is ready to buy a product, and whether a person is interested in the cooperation with a company. Endless e-mailing, aimless phone calls, and repeating questions lead only to a total mutual misunderstanding. It is not worth wasting time on such clients. The primary purpose of any manager is to look for target clients.
  8. Plan your time wisely.
    To be always on time, it is important to remember about a greater detail and clarity in the planning. For a manager, it is crucial to do the right thing at the right time. For sure, it is impossible to keep everything in one’s head and remember about all things one needs to accomplish. Therefore, planning is an effective way to remember all crucial tasks and deliver results on time. Also, planning gives a manager a sense of confidence that everything will be accomplished on time.
  9. Improve your memory.
    In addition to time planning, a manager should daily work on improving one’s memory. As a manager, you should always remember about both minor and major things. Therefore, work daily on your memory to avoid potential problems.
  10. Set priorities right.
    It is necessary to prioritize daily tasks clearly. You should have a clear understanding of what should be done here and now, and what can wait until tomorrow. During a difficult day, a manager often needs to accomplish the tasks that are rather unpleasant and boring rather than rewarding. However, setting priorities right, a manager will understand that some things that do not bring joy may be rewarding later.

    Analyzing one's own tasks, it is almost always possible to determine what is more important now. A professional manager will arrange all his tasks in order of importance and will accomplish them on time. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly prioritize: "This is what needs to be done here and now, and here it what can wait."

  11. Work on your communication skills.
    As far as manager’s communication with clients whether by phone or face-to-face is concerned, words which you pronounce and tone of your speech are very important. You can speak clearly and with chill or vice versa, speak warmly with a sweet voice. The tone and words you choose should depend on the communicative situation. Only one the most crucial thing is to make sure that everything is clear to the client and all questions have been answered.

    Very often, managers are given scripts that they must use while talking with customers. However, true professionals will never rely only on this script. They will adapt it to their personal style and will make some changes that will only enhance a potential impact on customers. Also, you should always remember that a customer may easily use your words against you.

  12. Never hurry.
    You may face some potential difficulties in communication with the clients. Therefore, you should never haste in responding to them in case you are not sure what is the answer or what you should say in any given situation. Just make a customer know that you have heard him or her and promise to call later to answer all the questions. But make sure to let a client know that he or she is really important to you. Use some time to consult with a supervisor or colleagues and, after that, give a call to the customer answering all the questions.
  13. Develop your own strategies.
    Being one step ahead of the client is the first and the most effective step needed to achieve success. Learn how to predict customer’s next step, one’s arguments or objects, and use it in your favor. A professional manager always follows the principle: first, he or she uses a strong argument, then - weak, and, after that, a very strong argument. To be ready for all the tricks of the client, read his thoughts in ahead, understand all his doubts and immediately dispel them.
  14. Be friendly to everyone.
    Do your best to see in others allies rather than competitors. Concentrate on general objectives rather than your personal interests. Company’s favorable climate leads to much better results and helps to solve all the problems. Contrary to it, if a manager will be alien to others, he or she will probably face failure.
  15. Demonstrate a positive attitude.
    A positive attitude is important. Smile a lot and demonstrate your customers a good mood. Managers who have achieved great results are almost always smiling. To smile at any stranger or just to a passer-by on the street is in the order of things. After all, a smile is the key to success, and the people working as managers for years know this fact very well.

Bio: I'm Christine, I'm a journalist. I used to see the meaning of life in creating news so that people knew the whole truth. I tried to work promptly, impartially and qualitatively. Now I'm writing a blog in which I describe about my experience and knowledge. I hope this will be useful to someone.

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