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How to Write in Your Blog to Improve Yourself and Achieve Goals

By Christine Wood

The 21st century is a new era in technologies and progress. Nowadays more and more people work online and earn higher salaries than white-collar workers. This tendency is obvious. One of the easiest and best ways to take advantage of this situation is blogging. Stars, successful people, your friends… everyone can write in his/her journal.

Initially, celebrities wanted to share with people news about their day-to-day routine. After many years this method of getting information became easier and more convenient. Therefore, the youth also decided to write social media posts using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks.

Needless to say, a new wave of global interest had sparked when people began to make money on it. We have heard that the faculty of blogging was opened in one country. There is a chance to master the art in the university. So, our task is to get smart and understand how to take advantage of the writing an essay or blog.

First of all, you have to realize if you are ready to create your blog. Yes, yes exactly create like an artist. It’s not just a tedious everyday work but also an inspiring job, which requires an originative approach:

  1. You have to write very often. At least 2-3 times a day. The more posts or stories, the more people will be with you.
  2. It is necessary to choose the leading topic (fashion, cooking, sport, lifestyle, music, art, etc.) and try to clarify the main problems or interesting facts in a chosen theme.
  3. You shouldn’t use pictures from the Internet. The target audience is interested in your life.
  4. A real blogger has to be ready to put off some important things in order to write down some thoughts, which you can later forget.
  5. You should find enough time to answer questions. Feedback plays an important role in cooperation with readers.

If you are ready to do all these things and feel your inner potential, we can help you. Now we aim to identify the key aspects of this uneasy work...

  • Make blogging a significant part of your life. Everything depends on personal aims. If you want to post something once a week when you are in a great mood, you won’t achieve success. But if you have serious intentions to become a well-known blogger, you have to be ready to reveal all the secrets of life (from meaningful events to small everyday ones).
  • Write about themes which are interesting for you. Don’t try to cover all topics in the world to make the impression of a knowledgeable person. Of course, it’s impossible to be aware of everything. Moreover, you can spoil your work and discourage your target audience. They expect to find a person of marked individuality with his/her special style. Think about your peculiarities.
  • Self-discipline and self-organization as important factors. All people have another work except writing in blog. We can’t always be satisfied, happy and inspired for unusual stories. Undoubtedly, your readers will understand these moments. However, remember that you are obliged to share a piece of information even in a rainy week or when you are too tired after a busy day. It’s your second but, all the same, job, which brings you popularity and money.
  • Define all goals, which you aim to achieve. Blogging is an excellent way to write about your dreams (from a small wish for today to the biggest desires). The readers can also advise you in a lot of situations. Try to surround yourself only with positive and ready to help people. The first advantage of writing your journal or quotes for blog is that others can recommend you the most optimal ways to achieve the goal. The second benefit – when you write something and thousands of people read it; you understand the responsibility. It’s like a kind of promise before the audience and yourself.
  • Visualization can help to affirm all outcomes. When you write about some desires and describe everything in long stories, you imagine it in reality. It activates your brain to work and find possible variants to perform the task sooner. You have motivation because so many people support you.
  • Maybe you are destined to become the best writer ever?! A lot of bloggers notice that it’s much easier to create posts after a great number of previous. Their imagination develops with every newly written story. Sometimes their telling resembles a fairy tale or plot from the film. In this case, it’s a great chance to become a popular writer or create an online writing service (here you can write an essay, project, publication, etc.). Even writing career can become yours. If you feel it, develop and don’t stop in your progress.
  • Non-stop communication. If you often hear that you are a chatterbox, blogging is your lifestyle. People will be glad to help you when they see your sincerity. We are convinced that this characteristic is one of the dominant in this profession. So, use it to the fullest in order to make the blog better and brighter.

We can talk about it, but it’s difficult to understand blogging without real examples. There are a lot of famous people who write posts, own their websites and journals. Nevertheless, it’s not more than a hobby. I can point out Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham. These three fashion divas are successful, young and extremely popular. They have websites and personal pages with more than millions of readers. Personally, our team can advise you to follow them too because they combine style, fashion, personal achievements, stories from everyday routine and many other useful things. Generally, their blogs on Instagram, Twitter, and other websites are like a mix of beauty and style.

What about ordinary people who decided to become bloggers? We can name Pete Cashmore. This man earns an incredible amount of money – 600,000 dollars per month. He is a founder of the world-famous blog Mashable. In this blog, the man writes about all topics. He began his work in the blog at the age of 19 years old. Now Pete is the youngest and the richest blogger. Moreover, he's considered one of the most handsome men.

To sum up, more and more people understand the prestige of being a blogger. The benefits of the job are obvious and worth spending 2-3 hours a day on your blog. The best thing is that not only a superstar but also every person can start to write about his/her own experience and become an influential person. Don’t miss your chance!

Bio: “I’m Christine, I’m a journalist. I used to see the meaning of life in creating news so that people knew the whole truth. I tried to work promptly, impartially and qualitatively. Now I’m writing free essays in the blog in which I describe about my experience and knowledge. I hope this will be useful to someone.”
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