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Women and Their Return to the Office

As the COVID-19 lockdown period ends, most who lost employment are returning to work or finding other means of employment. Women, in particular, have finally seen a recovery compared to their post-pandemic level in terms of labor force participation rate. This is massively beneficial not only because workers are needed, but because women fulfill a vital role in the economy.

Millions of women are involved with rising and expanding economies, in addition to roles in education and healthcare. Nearly 97% of all teachers of kindergarten or younger are women, and 95% and 91% are speech language pathologists and licensed nurses respectively.

In spite of this, women face significantly more friction than men, which is a detriment to workers rejoining the workforce post-pandemic. Namely, women face severe confidence issues based on their appearance, and they even see a decreasing salary corresponding to weight gain. Ultimately, women have seen significant barriers to success in the workforce. Despite this, women are vital to the economy across a multitude of job roles and will be much needed as the economy begins to recover.

Women and Their Return to the Office

Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery

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