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Women In Watchmaking: 3 Ladies

Women In Watchmaking

"It's a man's world." You might hear this adage a lot of times. Sure, it might be true for some industries, but that puts the burden of women in these industries into a harder and tighter place.

As a result, we will discuss women's significant role in the horology sphere and how they are rising through the ranks, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most powerful men in the watch industry. However, in the world of watchmaking, women are crucial contributors.

Women are manning many of them watch factories worldwide (pun intended) as they keep time ticking. It makes sense since a woman's pragmatic fashion made the wristwatch fashionable in the first place.

Ginny Wright (Audemars Piagets)

Ginny Wright earned her place in history. She did this by becoming Audemars Piagets' first female CEO in the Americas, thus joining the more than $1 billion Swiss company after a long career in the beauty industry. However, she has had a history of leadership positions and excellence, as before her appointment, she held executive positions at L'Oréal, Ralph Lauren, and Lancôme.

Wright was forty-eight (48) when she first learned about Audemars Piguet. She had spotted a business-school friend wearing a rose gold Royal Oak with a brown leather strap in Paris and was intrigued that the male timepiece looked stylish and elegant on a woman. And so far, she has come quite far.

She now leads business activities in North and Latin America for the Switzerland-based luxury watch company. According to Audemars Piguet, Wright brings a deep knowledge and understanding of the luxury goods retail sector. In addition, she has experience working in media relations and earned an MBA from ESSEC Business School in Paris.

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Chabi Nouri (Audemars Piaget)

The first female to hold a significant role as the chief executive of Piaget is none other than Chabi Nouri. She strongly desired to advance and step outside her comfort zone. As such, it was the impetus for accepting the post in 2017.

After she was appointed, she has since continued to reinforce Piaget's artisanal legacy and increased their jewelry segment with the relaunch of their Possession collection and the production of Haute jewelry pieces.

Norui was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, to a family where watches had value but were not deemed a professional concern. Her mother also owned a Piaget watch.

She earned a master's in law and economics from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. She joined Cartier in 1998 as head of international retail operations and later as jewelry group manager, where she remained for 11 years.

Caroline Scheufele (Chopard)

Caroline Scheufele is one of the driving forces behind luxury luxury jewelry and watchmaker Chopard. In 1963, her parents acquired Chopard; before they acquired Chopard, they had managed a watchmaking company in their country. So at a young age, Caroline worked for the company in various roles. In the 1980s, the jewelry business expanded into the business sector, and thus, she was elevated to the role of artistic director and co-president of Chopard.

Wrapping Up

With these amazing ladies in the world of watches, there's much more to get from! It may be common to say that men dominate the industry, but women help make the world go round!

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