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WIPEXO™ Powerful Degausser India: Double Capacity, Table-Top Efficiency with Extended Warranty

If you need to delete all data on hard drives permanently, Our Powerful Degausser is the right choice, it is available anywhere in India with complete after sales services, With Double Capacity, Table Top , Durable and Very Fast, available with Warranty


The WIPEXO™ Powerful Degausser India is a table-top degausser with double capacity, (can degauss 2 devices together) known for its durability and high-speed operation. It comes with an extended warranty, ensuring its reliability and customer satisfaction.

This Powerful Degausser India model is designed to meet the needs of customers seeking a high volume trouble free quality and efficient degaussing solution.

With its 2X capacity, it allows for greater productivity and faster degaussing process in lesser time. Made for non stop use under tough conditions it can withstand heavy usage day after day to complete a job of 1000s of devices, this table-top degausser is built to last and ensure long-term performance. In addition to its durability, it offers the peace of mind of a warranty, providing customers with added protection and confidence in their purchase.

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