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Winter's Best Friend: Cozy Up in iHood Heated Vests

Hey folks, winter's here, and guess what? iHood's got the scoop on some seriously cool heated vests that don't just keep you warm but also make you look good. Whether you're braving the city chill or gearing up for outdoor adventures, iHood's Men's and Women's Heated Vests are the stylish and snug answer to winter's call.


Men's Heated Vest - Your Warm Hug for the Day:

Imagine a day where you're wrapped in warmth for a full 20 hours – well, meet the iHood Men's Heated Vest. Powered by a hefty 7.4V UL/CE-certified 14400mAh battery, this vest is a true winter champion. It covers 30% more area with 3 heating zones and 8 carbon fiber panels doing their thing, keeping you cozy where it matters.

Adjust your warmth on the fly with easy-peasy heating controls. And let's not forget that slick retractable hood – not just practical but a style upgrade for sure. Whether you're tackling the daily grind or embracing the great outdoors, the iHood Men's Heated Vest is your trusty winter sidekick.

Women's Heated Vest - Where Warmth Meets Fashion:

Ladies, get ready to slay winter with the iHood Women's Heated Vest. It's not just about staying warm; it's about doing it in style. Fueled by a 7.4V battery, this vest brings you a cozy 20 hours of warmth. The 30% larger heating area, personalized controls, and that chic retractable hood make it the top pick for daily life, outdoor adventures, and all those unplanned winter escapades.

Whether you're cheering on your team or posing in the snow, the iHood Women's Heated Vest keeps you looking fabulous and feeling warm. It's the confidence boost you need to conquer the winter chill.


Classic Lightweight Women's Vest - Cozy Comfort, Effortless Style:

If you're all about staying warm without sacrificing your style, the Classic Lightweight Women's Vest from iHood is your go-to. Fueled by a dynamic 7.4V CE/UL certified battery, you get 7.5 hours of pure toasty bliss – perfect for all your winter adventures. The featherlight design brings the cozy without cramping your style.

Adjust to the changing winter vibes with three heating temperatures to choose from. And yes, it's machine washable and ready for whatever adventure comes your way. The Classic Lightweight Women's Vest from iHood is changing the winter game, blending warmth with convenience effortlessly.

Whether you're vibing with the lasting warmth of the Men's Heated Vest, loving the chic style of the Women's Heated Vest, or rocking the perfect combo with the Classic Lightweight Women's Vest, iHood Heated Vests are your winter essentials. Dive into winter with iHood – where fashion meets function, and warmth gets a touch of that human touch.

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