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Why Do Women Prefer Bob Wig, HD Lace Wigs, and Short Human Hair Wigs - LuvmeHair

Are you suffering from hair loss? Do you want to enjoy having pictures of your good hair? Well, hair loss is quite an exasperating experience. Whether it's the consequence of an ailment or a hair treatment, why not try wearing a wig and experience the pleasure of healthy hair? HD lace wigs and short human hair wigs are available to help you along with the bob wig that are available on LuvmeHair.

Why Prefer a Bob Wig?

Bob wig has been a fashion trend since ancient times. Their versatile styles, colors, and matching compatibility with multiple face shapes attract the attention of stylists and wig lovers. Their appearance and texture are similar to natural healthy hair and give a submissive vibe.

Bob wigs come at reasonable and affordable prices. You can choose to purchase any style of bob wig, and you will get it at a budget price. As compared to other wigs, bob wigs suffer less hair shedding. Check out the reasons for preferring bob wigs to other wigs:

Personal Preference

If you are tired of your long natural hair and want to cut it, style your head with bob wigs. It creates a cute look with its short length of about a minimum of 8 inches. Therefore, if you love short hair, you can prefer to buy these clean-cut wigs.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Short in length, bob wigs are incredibly lightweight and made of human or animal hair. Their bob keeps the wig firmly in place so you can quickly and conveniently turn your head. Hence, if you prefer bob wigs, you can wear them all day long.

Easy to Maintain

Bob wigs are composed of high-quality natural hair. They are easy to style and easy to maintain. You can style them in any hairstyle by brushing or combing the wigs. These wigs don't develop grease and oil daily. Plus, their short length lets you switch your hairstyle quickly.

Highlights Facial Features

The inverted and brief hairstyle of bob wigs highlights the facial features. It brings details to your face and will make you feel attractive and cute. If you have small facial features, choose bob wigs because they will enhance your features.

Why Prefer HD Lace Wigs?

Are you tired of your showy wig lines? Try wearing HD lace wigs, whose impressive HD formula comprises swiss lace material that gives a natural look when a wig is applied to your hair. The fantastic advantage of this wig is that the lace of the wig becomes invisible and does not show up on your uncovered hairline. These significant features of HD lace wigs that you should know:

Realistic Hair Look

These wigs are high-end hair lace attached to the wig's cap so precisely that it disguises your hair thoroughly. The lace and cap of the wig are so realistic that it looks like they are 100% your natural hair. Therefore, you can prefer these wigs to achieve an accurate and natural hair look.

Breathable Structure

Regular wigs with clips or caps hold your head tightly and provide barely any space for the scalp to breathe. Hence, most people end up feeling exhausted while wearing wigs. But HD lace wigs comprise soft, porous invisible caps that do not hold your scalp firmly. Therefore, they will allow your scalp to breathe freely, and you will not feel hot and uncomfortable while wearing them.

Long-Lasting Nature

The high-end quality of HD wigs gives them a long-lasting nature. The Swiss material used in forming wigs makes them strong and less breakable. Therefore, it allows them to be used again and again with minimal hair loss during brushing or washing.

Chemical-Free Adhesive

HD lace wigs, unlike regular wigs, comprise wig cap securing tape, free of synthetic chemicals that are usually added to the adhesive glue of traditional wigs. The chemicals might cause irritation and itchiness once worn. So, prefer HD lace caps if you are allergic to chemicals.

Why Prefer Short Human Hair Wigs?

Short human hair wigs are formulated using human keratin fibers, giving natural hair vibes once you wear them.

These wigs are preferred mainly by people who lack confidence from hair loss due to alopecia, cancer, or pattern baldness. Moreover, hairstylists of actors and other fashion celebrities recommend these human wigs when they want them to have short natural-looking hair. The following are some points that make them this much more preferable:

High Heat Resistance

Human hair fibers have a high bearing capacity and resistance compared to synthetic hair. So, if you want to style a short hair look, try a short human hair wig that does not get frizzy quickly, unlike regular wigs. Moreover, synthetic hair fibers can not withstand the high heat and burn up or melt once you use irons or hair rollers on them. This feature makes them more favorable than other wigs.

Skin Tone Compatibility

Human hair wigs are available in various hair colors that match the users' skin tone to help them get their natural hair looked back. Stylists recommend these wigs for short hair settings because they suit the skin tones of models, actors, and celebrities.

A Variety of Styles

Short human hair wigs are more accessible to style when cutting and setting them. The texture of these wigs does not feel tough. A plus point of these wigs is that their short length enhances the hair volume without long hair length.

Safe Caps

The hair caps of these wigs are synthesized using nylon, a durable and long-lasting material. Moreover, it's a synthetic material that keeps the hair ends firmly in place compared to other wigs' caps.


In short, wigs are available in multiple categories and styles. Each wig has unique specifications that make it different from the others. You must analyze the features of every wig type. Then, choose and prefer those wigs that best suit your needs and budget.

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