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Why Do Filmmakers Use Expensive Film Cameras?

There's a saying, "The best camera is the one that you have on you”. This is true because any camera is better than no camera, and somewhere, we all have to start. But there are certain cameras you wouldn't use for those circumstances, and others that would succeed in the same situations, in the same way you wouldn't bring screws in with a hammer. 

Benefits of Using Luxurious Film Cameras 

With decent cinema cameras costing less than $6,000 now, you don't need to spend a massive amount of money on higher-end ARRI and RED cameras. The truth is that cinematographers, and sometimes even directors, have very particular loyalty to those cameras and the results they produce. It is not often about resolution, but how well a camera handles dynamic range and the higher end cameras still do it a little better, but the gap is narrowing quite a bit. 

The higher end camera they are familiar with, and not the latest budget camera, would rather be powered by cinematographers. Since a lot of money and energy are involved in the job of producing films, any barrier to production can be costly. It is easier to go with what you know works in certain situations and is reliable than to take a gamble at anything cheaper. 

There is no gain if what you save on camera costs is lost in the quirks and challenges of working with that camera. You have less options if you are doing things with a limited budget and the production itself is probably smaller and less complicated. 

Invest in Cameras with 4k Resolution 

Most people on YouTube don't watch 4K videos and even fewer people have 4K-supporting screens, but it's necessary for budget-based filmmaking. The main explanation is that when you're editing, it gives you flexibility to shift your frame around. 

You can crop in and add pans or zooms that when you were shooting you couldn't do. For weddings and events where you shoot on the fly and don't have time to set up your shots, this is particularly useful. As well as interviews or similar scenarios where, by using the same clip but cropped in on different parts of the picture, you need two angles with one camera. 

Your Film Camera Should Have Internal Stabilization 

There is in-built stabilization for some cameras, making handheld shooting pleasant and smooth. For weddings and other types of events where you don't have the comfort of setting your shot up and how you want to move around the room, this is extremely useful. The camera shake will be taken out of your footage by internal stabilization and you can make imaginative shots with free-flowing movement. 

The Leading Film Making Studio in Dubai 

You must invest in the right camera for the job when it comes to production. That means that several types of camera bodies, from several manufacturers, can be easily combined with films. For big-budget blockbuster films produced by Overlight, this is very popular. Click here to see their recent portfolio. 

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