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Why is Being a Military Considered To Be Prestigious?

2,537 U.S. adults were surveyed for a poll regarding their perception on occupations. The purpose was to figure out what occupations were considered prestigious to them. Doctors lead the poll list with 88% percent of people considering the profession prestigious. Second on the pole, is military officers. Next on the list were firefighters (76%), scientists (76%), nurses (70%), engineers (69%), police officers (66%), priests/ministers/clergy (62%), architects (62%), and athletes (60%). Most of the occupations in this list belong in public service because of that it would make sense why people would associate these professions as prestigious.

While we sit in the comfort of our own homes, we only see half or even less of the hard work military officers, personnel, and staff does. Only half of one percent (0.50%) serve in the US military so it is normal that civilians aren’t fully aware of what they do. Most of us visualize soldiers as wearing military uniform and ACH helmets or MICH Bulletproof helmets, protecting our borders. Laying out all the details will explain why it is considered the second most prestigious job. Even if we search military records, we will not know the half of what they go through.

During natural calamities and disasters like tsunamis, cyclones, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. Including other accidents and man made disasters. The military, as well as other public service professions, put themselves first for another person’s safety. They do not think of the risks or the consequences on their well being if it means they can help another person. They will come to your rescue and aid because they took an oath and swore to always serve. They will give whatever they can in whatever way they can. May it be in the form of manpower, generators, pumps, first aid supplies, blankets, clean water, food, ropes and chinese, diving gear, helicopters, evacuation units, blood and much much more. Military officers, as well as doctors and nurses, are called front liners for a reason.

Aside from the aid they give, they are also known to protect. Military officers are deployed and dispatched far away from the comfort of their own homes and families. They go through hardship and uncomfortable situations so that the citizens of the country do not have to.

The navy patrol waterways around the globe. To insure safety and the freedom of international transport of goods, produce, and passengers. 

The Air Force does more than transport tens of thousands of people and huge payloads of equipment across the globe daily. They watch the skies for missile launch activity. We also benefit from their state of the art weather systems that helps us prepare for predicted calamities. They watch the sea states, winds, tides, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricane formations, directions, and strength. They also track and analyze these data so that they can distribute it to the public for warning and information.

Military officers are well rounded individuals. Their knowledge, skills, and experiences also make what they do prestigious. They are thought to grow gardens, build generators for electricity, build water pumps to irrigate fields, and they are also taught about hygiene, sanitation, and health. They are also knowledgeable in wildlife encounters, they are taught to repel predators in different species.

Military officers certainly do things that are considered brave and selfless. They are dedicated, loyal, committed, sharp, capable, responsible and honorable. That is why we consider them prestigious. There is no doubt that they deserve the recognition. Though we hold so much grace and appreciation towards military officers, let us not forget other professions who are as great as them. At the end of the day, anyone can make any job prestigious if they do their best and make sure that their work is the best quality.

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