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Who Should Edit My Personal Statement?

Writing a draft may seem the hardest part of personal statement creation. You need to select a topic, get your ideas on paper, and connect your story with the values of your target college or graduate school. However, when this task is done successfully, the next step appears, which is editing.

When you already have the personal statement on paper, you need to step back and make sure that all the requirements are met and the text is grammatically correct and properly formulated. Here is where graduate school personal statement editing services come so useful. In this article, we are going to discuss the basics of editing and who can do it.

First editing steps

First and foremost, it is advisable to check the statement as a whole. Think about your initial intention. What did you want to cover and talk about? Answer the following questions:

  • What did your initial plan include and is it realized? 
  • Have you covered everything important? 
  • Do you need to insert some missing pieces?
  • Does the text reflect your motivation?

After working through these questions, go back to the requirements of your target institution and check whether your statement meets them. Typically, you are required to observe only the following points:

  • allowed statement length 
  • proper formatting

In the next stage, try to read the text aloud and think how it sounds. This method is helpful for making the statement more personal. Also, pay attention to those parts that are hard to read and try to avoid special terminology.

Who can help you to edit the statement?

Once you have completed all these editing steps, it is high time to ask someone for help. Even if it is hard to do, it is worth it because you have already worked with the text for too long and can easily miss some drawbacks.

It is advisable to ask your recommenders for assistance and guidance. They can give you really valuable feedback based on their own letters about you. 

Then, think about other persons who can provide you with constructive criticism. This may be actually anyone, for example:

  • friend
  • family member
  • professor
  • supervisor
  • classmate
  • coworker

Do not be afraid to ask people for such kind of help. Even if they do not have an editing background, it can be helpful to get their opinion on whether your statement conveys the needed message.

While sending the personal statement to get feedback, do not take your reviewers’ criticism too personally. In addition, not all the suggested changes must be applied immediately. It is your statement, and you must be sure that it suits your needs and ideas.

A personal statement may play a key role in your application process. Therefore, effective editing is no less crucial than proper writing and formatting. You can ensure that your statement will be received well by utilizing the presented strategies.

If you are still in doubt and there are no people to help you, use the editing services of EssayEdge and get the perfect result.

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