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Which Paintings Sell the Most?

An artist’s primary goal is to put forward their thoughts, perspectives and wait for the subject to unfold its meaning in the eyes of an admirer. But, are there any particular subjects or themes that grab more eyeballs than other masterpieces?

Are there certain colors used in paintings that sell the best? Like the use of a splodge of red by the English painter J.M.W Turner who added it to add a dramatic touch to it at the last minute. Or are there any particular mediums and genres that ring a bell in an art enthusiast's mind?

As an art enthusiast, such questions are bound to crop up. Thus, if you are also looking for answers, let us explore these questions, the popular themes, and subjects for art along with the best medium that sells the best. Let’s get started.

What are the Best Painting Themes and Subjects?

While most art enthusiasts might toggle on the question of which are the right kinds of paintings or which subject would be more successful than the other. There's still a lot of uncertainty that lurks around. Besides, there's no guarantee on which paintings would appeal the most?

Moreover, if you are looking to monetize your art and if that works as your secondary motivation, it's always advisable to create paintings on subjects and themes that appeal to the viewer’s heart and are tried and trusted. So, let's look at the different types of paintings that fit the bill and are popular.

Landscape Paintings

Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are universal and most art enthusiasts appreciate the view. These paintings are still considered the quintessential art themes and that’s why they remain popular. Some of the contemporary landscape painters like the great Impressionist maestro Claude Monet preferred to paint outside i.e., en plein air. While some artists preferred to work in their studios and used photographs to create sketches and turn them into masterpieces.

Landscape paintings and long views feature intimate scenes of meadows, rivers, woods, mountain-tops, moonscapes, and cityscapes. Some artists also tap into modern and semi-abstract landscapes like beach scenes, harbor, seascapes, etc, and offer different interpretations of familiar scenery. After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy a spectacular view? Besides, recreating such vistas can evoke a sentimental value among the audience and can turn out to be an appealing choice for them that might work in the artist's favor.

Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings

Abstract artworks are probably the next-most sought-after popular themes that are popular among art buyers. Abstract artwork doesn't come under a recognizable subject bracket but relies completely on the viewer’s interpretation and perspective. Therefore, abstraction gives complete freedom to the audience to derive and ascribe meaning, which is why abstract paintings have always secured top bids. Besides, the abstract style also appeals to art enthusiasts who wish to give their home decor a unified look!

From the geometric works of Piet Mondrian to the more fluid, spontaneous paintings of Jackson Pollock, distinct abstract works from maestros have rocked the imagination of the world. Abstract artwork is like a double-edged sword that can go either way. Thus, for any upcoming artist who is looking to monetize their creativity, it becomes important not to replicate but to put their heart and soul to depict their ideas with the hope that the subject resonates with the target audience.

Figure Studies and Nude Paintings

Figure Studies

We have all looked into the serene eyes of Monalisa, and have felt a connection! And such powerful connections often result in audiences resonating and transforming into art buyers.

Although most painters undergo training on how to study figures and nudes as part of their art education program, painting figures outside of the classroom can pose some challenges. Portraits, figurines, nudes be it abstract or impressionistic, an art enthusiast will always crave good art and will never shy away from investing in some well-done figure or nude paintings. Meantime not everybody accepted nude paintings. Under some policies even the paintings of Francisco de Goya be classified as sexual harassment.

What are the Mediums that Sell the Best?

Besides, in today’s world, while the original work will always stay on top, prints of classic paintings are also popular among art enthusiasts. Museum quality and limited-edition prints are a few of the most popular among high-end art buyers who are aware of its importance and know that they aren’t laying their hands on mass-produced, but a piece of art with premium quality.

Besides, prints are affordable and the price has always been a major consideration for many people. Moreover, such high-quality prints are also sold as decorative items that could also change with the color scheme of the decor.

To Sum Up

Be it landscape, abstracts or figurines, every subject, and themes have their admirers in the world. Thus, it would only get difficult to pinpoint one particular theme that is ruling the art world.

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