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Which is the Best AC in India?

Air conditioners in India are no more luxury items because the average temperature during the summer season has gone much higher. Almost every year, there are more than sixty days when the temperature reaches the mid-forties. However, most people need help choosing the right air conditioner among the models available. They need clarification about whether to go for a 1.5-ton Window AC or a Split AC 1-ton. This article will discuss various models to help you buy the best AC in India.

Window AC vs Split AC

Usually, there are two air conditioners in India- Window air conditioners and Split air conditioners. First, try to understand the difference between these two.

If seen, installing an air conditioner depends on what you want in your home. Along with this, you also need to pay attention to its price, features and specifications. Will you get an Air Conditioner installed in your home or office; it will also need to be considered while considering which AC consumes how much electricity. In this article, we will solve your exact problem and detail the significant differences between Window AC and Split AC, but before that, let us know what the different types of ACs are.

Types of Air Conditioners

Although Window AC and Split AC are more prevalent in India, there are 5 types of ACs in total.

  1. Split AC

    As the name suggests, there are two parts to a Split AC. The first part is the blower unit placed inside the room, and the second part is the compressor unit fixed outside the room.

  1. Window AC

    Window ACs is ideal for small rooms. It’s a single unit containing all parts and easily fits in a window.

  1. Hot and Cold AC

    Hot and Cold AC is used both during winter and summer seasons. Hence, you can use such an air conditioner to keep your room cool during summer and warm during winter.

  1. Portable AC

    The Portable AC provides a lot of flexibility and efficiently cools the room. It blows warm air through a tube attached to the window to control humidity.

  1. Tower AC

    The Tower ac is identical to the split ac unit because it has two parts. The best part of such an air conditioner is its high cooling capacity making it suitable for large rooms or halls.

Difference between Window and Split AC

Installing a Window AC is easier because it only needs a window where you can place it. However, the installation of Split AC is complicated and needs a trained professional. Window air conditioners are also pocket friendly because they require little maintenance. In a Window AC, all components are packed in a single unit, whereas Split ACs have two separate units. The blower is mounted on the wall, and the compressor is placed outside the room. They have a better cooling capacity and are suitable for large rooms. 

  1. Window AC vs Split AC: Design

    Split air conditioners are usually available in various colours and styles, while window air conditioners are only available in white. You need a professional to install the Split AC, which costs extra money. However, window air conditioners are easy to install and cost nothing different. They can easily be shifted from one room to another.

  1. Window AC vs Split AC: Cooling Power

    Split AC provides faster cooling than a Window air conditioner. A Window AC is more suitable for small rooms.

  1. Window AC vs Split AC: Power Consumption

    Before purchasing the best AC in India, you should think of its power consumption which is closely linked with the Power Star rating of a model. The higher the star rating of an AC, the lesser electricity it consumes. Hence, a 5-star Split AC 1 ton will consume about ten per cent less electricity than a 4-star Split conditioner. Similarly, a 3-star air conditioner will consume ten per cent less electricity than a 2-star AC.

Go through this article carefully to choose the best AC in India, a 5-star Split AC 1 ton or a 4-star Window AC 1 ton.

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