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Where to Find Clothes that Support Dogs

Clothes that Support Dogs

Everyone wants to buy smart and also buy for different causes. Some people might want to support clothes that are cruelty free, buy fake furs and leathers that don’t involve the deaths of animals, or buy clothes from companies and brands that support different causes. Sustainability is important. For dog lovers, there are plenty of options that will support animal shelters, rescue dogs, and other dog related causes.

If you want to buy your clothes and support your furry friends at the same time, then these storefronts and brands are some of your best options! Take a look and see if you find one that matches your style.


This website takes on the occasional food shortages that can leave dogs in shelters hungry and without the affection that your dog might have while living at home. Every purchase you make from this online store goes to animal shelters to provide meals, toys, and awareness about those dogs that do not have homes.

Additionally, you can buy shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and other items to show your support for dogs in general, or also buy things that show off your dedication to your breed as well. The website also sells supplies, home and garden tools related to dogs, and also provides helpful information about nearly every single dog breed.


This website donates 25% of every single purchase to a rescue shelter, and they offer an entire dog related category on the site. They have all sorts of fair trade and premium shirts, hoodies, and other items for you to purchase. No matter what you are looking for, this website has it in terms of clothing and accessories!

AnimalHearted works with several rescue organizations where 25% of every purchase you make, makes a difference. Some of these include: Humane Society of the United States, Animal Place Sanctuary, the North Shore Animal League, SPCA of Solano County, Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue, and German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California.

If you really want to help out animal shelters as well as your four legged friends, this is one of the best storefronts to buy from! Especially if you buy in bulk, because that is going to give some serious money to a rescue shelter as well!

3. Arm The Animals

If you want to combine buying clothes and supporting dogs with a bit more activism, Arm The Animals is a perfect example of a great website. This website wants to support as many animal welfare organizations as they can, and they have a bevy of causes and locations that they support. No matter what type of organization you want to support, they’ve probably got some way to do that.

They’ve got clothes and accessories for everyone who wants them. From jackets, t-shirts, socks, and even candles, you can buy quite a lot of stuff and know that it is all going to a very good cause. Plus, if you don’t have a cause that you want to support, the website will have dozens that you can research and pick from!

4. Urban Suburban Apparel

This selection of apparel is for humans and dogs, and this website offers something that not a lot of dog clothing sites do: A doggy fitting room. If you are unsure what the exact measurements of your dog are, you can send whole body shots of your dog to the website and they will get an idea of the body type as well.

You can also get used dog clothing as well, that is often in like new condition, so it adds another layer of support to buying items on the website. Of course, there are human clothes as well with all sorts of themes you can purchase, from tie-dye hoodies, to matching paws shirt and pants sets, to items for holidays.

No matter what you need, Urban Suburban Apparel focuses on caring about dogs. Additionally, they focus on ending dog stereotypes as well (such as some dogs are seen as more aggressive than others), through their work. In fact, their entire story started whenever their pit bull was seen as aggressive, denying them places to live and insurance, even though their dog was no more aggressive than any other dog.

Supporting Dogs With Your Wallet and Your Body

Wearing clothes can allow you to make a statement, and also making sure that your clothing is bought from several stores and websites that care about pets and also make their clothes out of sustainable and ethical material can make you feel good about wearing them.

If you are the type of person who wants to love your furry friend and also someone who wants to support all dogs around the world, buying some clothes from these vendors and supporting your dogs is the best thing to do.

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