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What You Can’t Put In Your Dumpster


Things to avoid: Can’t Put In Your Dumpster 

Do you know which things cannot be thrown in a dumpster? No, this blog helps you understand what you should and should not throw in the dumpster.

When you finish your spring cleaning, the waste surprises you, and you think about how to throw it away. This question is very difficult, but if you hire a dumpster rental in Los Angeles, you can easily get rid of this situation. 

But there is a limit to the type of trash you can or can’t put in your dumpster. A dumpster allows you to dispose of specific waste in proper landfills. Dumpster rental companies allow adequate disposal of waste by using environmentally friendly methods. Still, some types of trash are impossible to dispose of because they are hazardous to the environment, so they are not allowed to be put in dumpsters.

Here in this blog, you get a list of all the waste materials not allowed to be thrown in dumpster rentals.

Things you can't put in your hired dumpster rental.

You are not allowed to dispose of several materials in the dumpster. Below, I discuss some basic materials restricted to being put in a dumpster as trash.


Appliances like fridges and TVs are prohibited in dumpsters because they directly take your trash to landfills. Still, the appliances need to be moved to any repair shop for repair, or if repair is not possible, spare parts are easily usable for repair and the making of any device, so disposing is not a good option. Direct disposal to landfills is hazardous if not imposed properly because they contain screens, batteries, and other small appliances that have chemicals in them, so disposal through dumps is a dangerous option that Dumpster does not allow to put in as trash.

Tyres are not allowed in the dumpsters.

Typically, the inner surface of tyres contains methane, which helps them move on the surface. If we dispose of tyres in landfills, methane gas causes the tyres to stick to the surface, causing significant damage to the landfills, which is why dumpsters were not designed for tire disposal in landfills. 

Electronic items

Electronic materials contain chemicals. You can't put your MP3 player or electronic appliances in a trash bin or a dumpster. If you put this material in a dumpster, there is a possibility of ecologically harmful leakage. 

The electronic items are very dangerous or were also repaired at some point, so it's good to send them separately to any electronic item center where they must be recycled or some of their spare parts used again in any repairs. Dumpsters do not allow electronics because they only move your trash to landfills. The disposal of electronics is not an environmentally friendly option.


As you know, batteries are of two types: alkaline batteries that you dump in your trash and non-alkaline batteries that are restricted to being left in the dumpster because they are dangerous for the environment.

 Car batteries and mobile batteries are also types of non-alkaline batteries. They have a special kind of liquid chemical; if we are not able to dispose of it properly, it will also cause fire in some cases.

Medical waste

Suppose you are trying to dispose of medical trash with your other trash in the dumpster. In that case, it is very important to know that medical waste, like hospital bags and any type of dialysis supplies, is harmful to the environment and completely restricted.

 Medical waste is infected waste that causes infection, so some companies are available in Los Angeles that dispose of medical waste properly. You can search for your nearest medical disposal company for all this kind of waste because it is harmful if we dispose of it in landfills due to the deadly infection.

Paint is not allowed.

Liquid paint and thinner can't be put in your dumpster. It means you cannot put leftover paint with all your trash because the paint leakage destroys all the garbage. But dry paint or empty baskets are allowed in the dumpster.

Flammable materials

You can't throw any flammable material in the dumpster, like gas cans and propane tanks, because it is dangerous for landfills. Oil and gas materials like motor oil, gasoline, and methane gas are highly dangerous for landfills. Gasoline is also illegal. If you want to throw it in the dumpster, call the hazardous management authority to get rid of all this kind of waste that is explosive and risky for the environment 

What Can't Put In Your Dumpster 

When you hire a dumpster, you want to get rid of all of your waste, but some waste is hazardous to the environment, so the dumpster is not allowed to be put in.

Here below is a list of some materials that you can't put in your Dumpster but can dispose of by calling another service provider that properly disposes of this hazardous material 


Recommendation to Dispose

Medical waste

Collected by medical waste collection Provider

Paint, oils, and gas products

A hazardous waste disposal provider disposes of it properly 


Auto shop,tire recycler

Electronic Item

Repair electronic shops and recycler centers

Liquid Chemicals

Chemical collection Service Provider

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Wrap Up 

Finally, when you are in Los Angeles and want to eliminate your waste, you must search for dumpster rental prices before hiring a dumpster. Hiring a dumpster does not mean removing all kinds of waste materials. You can’t put many things in your dumpster because their disposal in landfills is dangerous, so the dumpster rental provider is not allowed to dispose of these kinds of waste. In this blog, I mention some common materials that you can’t put in your dumpster, and for these things, you can connect with other service providers, some of whom I mentioned above. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what you can and can’t put in your dumpster rental in Los Angeles.

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