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What is UPS and Why Do You Need It?


What is UPS?

UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a system for power conservation that works by converting AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) to store as backup power. During unexpected storms or events where power systems or infrastructural outages may sever your power supply, UPS offers an immediate solution to power your computer or any other batteries, hardware, and other essential electrical appliances.

How does it work? 

A UPS power supply fundamentally consists of four main components: the charger, the inverter, the battery, and the stabilizer. These four components work together to convert power into a state where it can be safely stored for backup purposes, and then converted back to a usable state when connected to your devices. The charger is a battery charge circuit that converts power from alternating current to direct current so that it can be stored in the battery. The inverter then converts the direct current in the battery to alternating current so that the energy stored can be made applicable and ready for use. Finally, the stabilizer works to regulate the voltage through the converting and inverting processes to ensure that the current is delivered in a stable and consistent manner for the protection of your electrical appliances.

What are the different UPS types?

Depending on your specific needs, UPS can also be divided into three different types: stand by UPS, line interactive UPS, and online UPS. The main differentiator for the the different types of UPS is the variability of the voltage and the ease of voltage adjustment. Batteries, hardware, electronic devices of different levels of resilience to voltage consistencies and exposure depending on their composition and operation. If you're interesting in protecting the functionality and the longevity of your appliances, it's helpful to know which level of UPS is best suited for your particular needs.

Stand by UPS

The stand by UPS is the simplest level, it offers no voltage adjustment and is the perfect solution for simple, cheap, and effective backup power.

Line interactive UPS 

On the next level of voltage adjustment flexibility is line interactive UPS, which not only allows adjustment for different voltage levels but also provides a stabilizer to protect the integrity of any electrical appliances being powered by the UPS.

Online UPS 

Online UPS offers the highest level of protection and flexibility with various features to anticipate common interference issues.

Should you invest in UPS?

Whether or not you want to invest in a UPS solutions depends on the extent of your needs and dependency on hardware and electrical devices, as well as your susceptibility to a volatile power environment. More and more regions of the world are becoming vulnerable and anticipating unexpectedly severe or volatile weather patterns that may disrupt the regularity and consistency of your power supply. Furthermore, the overwhelming reliance that modern lifestyles have developed on computers, electrical components and appliances, and electrical tools are exposing more and more people to the risk of putting their work, health, and lifestyles at risk when an unexpected power outage may occur. Especially, people who are becoming a freelancers as we know virtual assistant who can work from home that need to use laptop to work all day/night or even the gym, the place that seems doesn’t needed to use UPS but they do. Because of the gym needs to use computers or laptops to record the number of the members and other Information as well as some of the machines do need the power so they definitely need the UPS to protect their electronic devices. For those that are interested in adding a layer of protection to buffer their hardware, electronic devices and lifestyles from possible outages, UPS systems are worthwhile investment.

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