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What is an Event Host?
Here's Everything You Need to Know

Event Host

What does it take to throw the perfect event?

When you go to an event and have the time of your life, there could be any number of reasons that could be accountable. As far as narrowing down what particular thing could be responsible for making an event pop, the possibilities are endless. From the location to the music, be it DJ or a band, to the type of crowd that was there... there are countless factors that an event's success could be attributed to.

That said, there is a factor that is normally not paid attention to when an event goes exceptionally well, and that is the instance of finding the perfect event host.

The trippy part is that, it's actually a good thing when that happens.

Let me explain.

Think about the last time that you were at an absolutely unbelievable event. This will be the type of event where everything seemed to click, and you could think it was the DJ always playing the right song, or the right kind of people always being on the dance floor, or the perfect catering and decor... whatever it is, without thinking too hard about it, you just know that the whole event seemed to tie together perfectly, and you had the time of your life.

Now take a moment to think about the event again, but from a more critical standpoint. Chances are, that incredible event you went to had a host who was absolutely on top of things, from start to finish. He or she likely helped set a tone of comfort, fun, maybe even a tiny bit of "naughty", to make everyone loosen up and let themselves go into having total fun.

Instead of the host sticking out in your mind, these types of parties usually feel like they have some kind of magical glue holding together the many parts of the event that you went to. That magical glue can usually be identified as actually being the perfect event host.

So what is it that an event host actually does?

Well, for one, it would help to consider how strongly the concept of identity plays into the level of success an event is able to achieve in how well it comes off. It's one thing to have an event that checks off a lot of boxes, as in it's fun, stimulating, highly attended, and brought a lot of bodies to witness the brand, product, or occasion that was meant to be promoted to the masses. But even with all of those things considered, if the event does not possess a recognizable identity, then those event goers will forget what they attended just as soon as they leave out of the exit door at the end of the night. They'll put down those refreshments you served and forget what you served them seconds later. And worse, they won't tell anybody else about what they went to. That's because they won't remember.

This phenomenon factors into how particular one should be when choosing the best host. A great host has a sense of identity that he or she can bring to your event. They also know how to cross-pollenate their rhythm with yours, to the point that they subtly become the face of your event. This is the secret to why certain events just pass on by, while others go down in history as being epic nights to remember.

Adopting this train of thought about hiring event hosts has many benefits. For one, now when you go out looking for a host, you can seek the one that best matches the voice that you want your "event" to speak in. So if your event is intended to be a classy, understated banquet-style affair, you don't want to have a wild and crazy Spring Break host who's ready to tear the roof off, and take the party to the max.

Of course, one of the best ways to deal with this hiring process is to choose a host that not only has skills and talent, but also possesses range and versatility. A dream event host is a person who has a lot of vibe and character, and can make their great qualities shine in the favor of the event they're hired on. It would also be great if this type of host could fit into a lot of different event scenarios. They would be so good at what they do that they could enhance many kinds of events, but not come off as phony or contradictory at any of them.

These considerations are immensely helpful to the process of hiring the best event host, and keeping them in mind can give you the edge in any event planning situation.

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