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What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

The world of today wants (and needs!) to meet a real, passionate, powerful modern Muslim woman. In order to make her voice resonate, she needs to be in-sink with herself as well as many aspects of her being. A great yet under-appreciated way to quiet the outside noise, analyze your thoughts, feelings are by writing to yourself.

Written practices are a modern system of effective therapeutic techniques that will help you visualize your inner dialogue, connect with your thoughts, understand your feelings more deeply, cope with stress, set new goals, strengthen your self-love. All you need to start is a pen and a notebook. Are you ready to try?

What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

Why You Should Try Writing to Yourself

Whenever people come across this idea, it evokes a different reaction, but many are very skeptical, even dismissive of it. If you feel like that, it is completely fine, since you don’t yet know why you should even try this practice in the first place.

The thing is, we live in a world constantly surrounded by people – at home, work, even when we go for a walk outside. Don't get me wrong – it's a good thing since we are social creatures, we need to interact with each other. But being among people, we often pay less attention to ourselves, our feelings, emotions, even wants, needs, because we are distracted from them. Additionally, it often feels like surrounding people need our attention more than us, so listening to ourselves becomes less of a priority. In this case, our inner dialogue can get very quiet, we often just “go with the flow” of life, not paying enough attention to our thoughts, wants, even hopes and dreams, leaving them unfulfilled, which in time can make us unhappy and even confused about our own life.

Writing to yourself from time to time will help stay in touch with your inner turmoil, timely analyze all your emotions, sort out different feelings, work through whatever is bothering you, "pat yourself on the back" for your successes, achievements, etc. Frankly, you can write whatever you want to write – it may even be some silly nonsense, childhood memories, or random thoughts which occurred today. Putting things on paper will release them from your head, allowing inspecting them more closely, discovering their meaning.

Basically, writing to yourself is a form of self-love and care, taking time to acknowledge yourself, validate thoughts in your head and feelings in your heart. A bit more love can’t hurt, right?

What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

How to Start Writing: Practical Tips

To start writing to yourself, gather the supplies first. As can be expected, you need a pen and a journal. Pick a cute journal you like, so you would be additionally motivated to use it more often. Better not to get a wire notebook, since it is easier to pull out pages from it. You should avoid pulling pages from your journal, even if you feel like things you wrote don’t really make sense. Regardless – they are your thoughts, so please learn to acknowledge and respect them.

Most writing enthusiasts suggest finding a quiet room to write in, but our experience shows that writing outside is a lot more enjoyable and relaxing. Explore your neighborhood and find a nice private space that feels calm. If possible, find a quiet spot near a river, lake, sea, or at least a fountain. Being by the water has many health benefits, so journaling near water is perfect, as the sound and sight of rushing water are relaxing, helps gather your thoughts, tune distractions out.

What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

Writing Your First Words

Nearly 100% of all women who pick up a pen and paper with the purpose of writing to themselves often feel unable to get a single word out. Don’t be startled or ashamed if you feel the same.

This doesn’t happen because you don’t have anything to say, are not in touch with yourself, or not creative enough. It happens because you are not accustomed to writing without a specific purpose, not knowing what your topic is – it can feel very confusing at first (even at second or third!), but the idea is starting with something, seeing where it leads.

Writing creatively is a challenge for many, especially for those who need to do it every day and can’t simply enjoy writing when they feel like it – like students, who have many assignments and essays they must complete. Best Writers Online is dedicated to those who need reading examples of creative writing and taking note of how good academic writing is done.

Regarding journaling, most women are comfortable just writing about their day, putting down some simple activities they did today. The team of Writing Judge review service practice this technique every day. Interestingly, in doing so, you can often recall meaningful thoughts, occurrences that made you feel something special, or had put an interesting thought in your head but being occupied with the outside world at that time you simply brushed them away.

Writing to yourself will help you make many discoveries, little and big ones, which will make you understand yourself better.

What You Should Write to Yourself

Here are some ideas on what you can write down, but remember that your writing is a free, creative process, so you mustn’t write down any specific things if you don’t feel like it. Open your journal and write down:

  • What you are grateful for.

It’s nice becoming Pollyanna for a bit, noting the good that happened. Writing down what we are grateful for makes us take notice of little things in life that make us happy, so we could revisit them more often and note them with more gratitude when they happen again.

  • What words of wisdom you heard today.

Even if the day you had was not altogether pleasant, it is possible that amidst the stress and your busy daily tasks you heard a word of guidance, good advice, helpful remark, or a phrase that made you think. Recall those moments, try learning the lesson they hold.

  • What words of kindness you heard from family, friends, and strangers.

People are curious species – we are often more perceptive of criticism and negative feedback than of compliments and other nice words that we hear. We can roll a bad remark in our head for a while but remain numb to a kind word. Recalling good things that we heard makes us pay attention to them and feel more appreciated.

  • Write down your dreams

When we sleep, our mind processes what happened to us during the day, blurring thoughts and images from our mind together into an often peculiar concoction. Yet, when we think about individual aspects of a dream, we often find food for thought.

  • Write down positive affirmations

Self-love is important, so caring about yourself is something you should practice. There is actually science behind positive affirmations. Write down positive affirmations that will make you feel more empowered, confident, appreciated. You can write:

  • I am strong.
  • I am kind.
  • I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • I am loved.
  • I deserve happiness.
What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

Final Words

Hopefully, our tips made you more opened to trying writing to yourself. Just take a pen and journal and start exploring the inner you today!

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