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What are Bamboo Plywood and its benefits?

Bamboo plywood is one of the preferred products of plywood manufacturers and is an ideal alternative to natural hardwood plywood.

It can be used to make furniture, cabinets, panels and other products. Because bamboo plywood is environmentally friendly, it is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and manufacturers.

Although bamboo plywood is only just entering the market, Delhi bamboo veneer provides the highest quality construction lumber when hardwoods and softwoods are used to make furniture.

For homeowners and builders, bamboo veneer is considered the safest and most durable building material. It is an environmentally friendly building material and a new flexible alternative to natural wood.

But before we discuss the uses and types of bamboo veneer, let's understand what bamboo veneer is and how it is produced.

What is the structure of bamboo plywood?

Bamboo plywood is made from bamboo that grows in forests and low fertility soils. The bamboo is cut into thin rectangular strips and then decorated with various patterns. These bamboo strips are laminated into sheets. Under heat and pressure, they are compressed into smooth unfinished plywood.

Types of Bamboo Plywood

There are many types of bamboo and not all of them are suitable for making bamboo plywood. However, the most suitable bamboo for the production of natural plywood and carbonized plywood is moso bamboo.

Depending on the production technique, the grain of bamboo plywood can be either horizontal or vertical. The color of the plywood varies from production to final processing, as bamboo plywood darkens when heated.

The type of bamboo plywood depends on a number of factors, including


The grain is the outer surface of the plywood. It is also categorized as quartersawn, crosscut and striped. Straight and horizontal grain are most commonly used in the production of bamboo plywood.


Bamboo plywood comes in a variety of colors and can also be customized. The most common colors are natural and carbonized, i.e. brown or honey.


Bamboo glue boards come in different thicknesses and in different sizes: ranging from 1-14 inches to 1-1/2 inches. Manufacturers use these sheets according to the requirements of the furniture.

Advantages of bamboo plywood

There are several reasons why bamboo plywood is preferred over traditional Indian hardwood plywood.

It is an attractive alternative to wood products and can be used for a variety of purposes such as furniture, kitchen utensils, paneling and table tops.

Bamboo is durable and easy to work with. It can be cut into any shape.

Bamboo plywood is manufactured using a multi-layer process that increases stability and makes it more resistant to packaging. This also extends the life of the plywood.

Replacing traditional hardwood plywood with bamboo plywood ensures low formaldehyde emissions, making the product more environmentally friendly. As a result, many furniture manufacturers have also started using bamboo in the production of their furniture.

Bamboo plywood is more economical because it creates more jobs from bamboo cultivation to bamboo harvesting and processing. It is also the most environmentally friendly building material on the planet.

It is strong and durable, suitable for a wide range of building projects, and looks better when the building is completed.

As a result, it is widely used in many homes and businesses as an alternative to traditional furniture.

Applications of Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo is widely used in most parts of Asia, including India, and has become an integral part of the local culture. Due to its high strength and low manufacturing cost, bamboo is used in bridges, houses, furniture and many other structures.

However, in areas far from Asia, such as the United States and Europe, bamboo is used much less frequently. Nonetheless, bamboo is still one of the most common wood-like materials in the world.

The Takeaway.

If you are a manufacturer of furniture products and need high-quality architectural timber, Delhi Outdoor Timber is the best choice for you as it is a renowned supplier of high-quality architectural timber. Bamboo veneer has an attractive finish and is ideal for making home and commercial furniture. It can add a royal touch to any cabinet or table. There is a wide range of bamboo plywood furniture compared to traditional hardwood furniture.

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