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Waves Hair Durag

Waves Hair Durag

A durag is a type of headwear often worn by African American men. It is typically made from polyester and is designed to keep the hair moisturized and protected. Durags are often worn during sleeping, working out, or swimming. They can also be worn as a fashion statement.

A brief history of the Durag

It was first mentioned in the June 1966 issue of "The Akron Beacon Journal", where it was called " Do Rag ". The durag was initially invented by slave masters in Ohio in the 1960s, who used it to secure their hair while working. Durags were a product that slave women used to keep their hair up and out of the way while they worked. Companies such as So Many Waves were praised for selling their version of the durag in the late 1970s, calling it the tie-down. It was a tool used by many African-American men to control their hair while sleeping or to make sure they wore a fashionable style of tie. The durag was used strictly for hairdressing until the 1990s, when it became a symbol of inner-city Black culture. They evolved from a tool that slave women used to keep their hair covered when they worked and became widely popular in the streets of Chicago. The durag became an everyday accessory, most notably popular during the hip-hop revolution, and now appears on the heads of men and boys across the country.

So how are Durags used today?

Black men use durags to protect and style their hair overnight. Simply put, standard pillows can damage curlier hair types while also ruining your meticulously brushed hair.

Often made from fine silk or satin, a durag not only retains the look of your hair from being brushed but also, by constantly wearing it, gives you the look of waves in your hair. These waves look like you just popped out of the crown of your head. You've probably seen one of those waves check things people use to check how well their hair is doing. For kids, everything is better when you show up to school with a fresh cut and waves, new Air Force 1s, and the hottest clothes. You're like a mini-celebrity when you start wearing your hair this way.

Doing the wave durag procedure in 5 steps:

Step 1: What is your hair texture?
This step is effortless. You'll have to figure out what type of hair texture you have, then train your hair to be straight and laid.

Step 2: Go shopping
In this step, you will need to procure accessories for your beauty routine from a beauty supply store. This will likely include items such as a brush, comb, wave products, and washing products.

Step 3: The hot towel method
This method is mainly for applying wave products to your hair. The reason is that some products could be wax, which is very hard. So, the hot towel makes your hair moist enough to apply the wax. So, you have to place a wet rag in a microwave, heat it up for 10-20 seconds, take it out to put on your head for 10 seconds, and then apply the gel or wax.

Step 4: Brush and comb sequence
After applying all of your desired styling products, it is time to comb through your hair to evenly distribute the product. Next, you will want to brush your hair for 15-30 minutes. This should be done every day for the best results.

Step 5: It's Durag time
Apply your durag tightly and flat against your head so your hair can train to lay down. To get the best results when training your hair, apply your durag tightly and flat against your head. This will help to lay your hair down in the desired direction. Remember to be patient when training your hair - it may take some time to see the desired results.

Durags and hair loss

Durags are often thought to cause hair loss, but this is not the case. Durags are usually made of a silky, satiny material that is gentle on the hair and won't cause breakage. They can also be tied as tightly or loosely as desired to not suffocate hair follicles. Wearing a durag can help protect your hair from damage and breakage, making it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their hair healthy and strong. So the durag prevents hair loss. However, misusing durags can cause hair loss.

Wear your durag correctly

A durag should be worn on the top of your head, with the longest part hanging loosely at the back.

Make sure the fabric is flat all around. It should have no bunched-up edges or be rolled up. Once that's done, take the long strings on the sides, cross them around the back of your head, then cross them at the front of your head, and then finally tie them securely at the back.

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