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Wasting Time at Work -
What are the Biggest Distractions?

Wasting Time at Work

Whether it’s playing video games, chatting with friends, or watching shows, relaxing activities are critical for our mental well-being.


Truth be told, we’re not always engaging in these diversions after business hours, are we?

In fact, most Americans are getting waylaid from work while they’re on the clock.

Resume Now wanted to find out the top distractions for American employees. They conducted a study to find out the most popular time wasters.

What did the employees select as their top diversion?

#1—Spending time with kids

Of course, kids know how to demand attention no matter how much we’d like to focus on our work tasks, especially when working from home. So, this distraction was surely not always by choice.

Some of the top activities during work hours were more in the “guilty pleasure” category, such as:

  • Scrolling aimlessly on a device(12%)
  • Chatting on a messaging app(8%)
  • Social Media (7%)
  • Dating app (7%)

The study also dove into which social media was getting workers sidetracked the most during work, how much time was devoted to not working, and why they felt they were getting sidetracked.

  • Nearly half of the respondents (49%) agreed with the statement “I feel I need to check social media often.”

Facebook was the most popular social media platform, as has been shown in other studies.

And, why the procrastination?

  • Most—23%—said they simply knew they could “do the work at the last minute.”

Perhaps their bosses would disagree?

Find out all the time wasters and how gender, level of education, age, region and other factors played a role in what the top time wasters were. The results were revelatory...

Wasting Time at Work
Wasting Time at Work
Wasting Time at Work
Wasting Time at Work
Wasting Time at Work
Wasting Time at Work
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