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Importance of Personal Development
in the Workplace

By David Warren

An ideal workplace is not only a place where employees can be productive but it should also be a place that promotes personal development for each employee. It should encourage activities that develops potential and talent, improves identity and awareness, contributes to the realization of aspirations and dreams and enhances the overall quality of life of its employees.

Why should employers invest in the enhancement of personal development of their workforce?

The benefits of personal development in the workplace are limitless. Below are some of the reasons why you should put personal development as priority on your company’s goal.

1. Fit employees are less likely to get sick
Excessive absenteeism is one of the most common problems in every company. Either intentional or habitual, employees who miss a workday contribute to the decrease in productivity of the company. Sickness is one of the most common reasons of being away from work. With this being said, fitness should therefore be highly encouraged in every company. Since your most important asset as business owners or managers is your employees, you should strive to let them embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice. A person who is fit is less likely to get sick since he has more resistant to the bug going around in the office. Not only you will reduce your absenteeism, your company’s health care expenditures will also be lessened.

2. Fit employees have more energy
Healthy employees are the key to increase the productivity of your company.

If your employees are fit and healthy, they have more energy to deliver quality work. They are able to finish projects on time since they are on top versions of themselves. They are capable of going beyond what’s expected of them and create more ideas to improve the company’s production.

To promote employees who are fit and healthy, provide a health-care allowance for their dental, health and vision insurance. Providing membership discounts to local gym and stocking your pantry with healthy snacks can also go a long way.


3. Fit employees have more self-confidence
If you’ve been thinking having a toned stomach is the only way that you will gain self-confidence, think again.

Employees who are physically fit and healthy are more confident than those employees who are not. They get their confidence not only by the way they look but with the things that they have accomplished. They have higher perception of themselves because they know that they are capable of achieving great things. They take pride in the fact that they have accomplished so much and are great with what they do.

4. Fit employees set and achieve goals.
A person that lives a healthy lifestyle naturally inhibits a goal-oriented mindset. He sets a fitness goal and works so hard to achieve this goal.

This behavior is also brought into the workplace. A fit employee does not just work for a paycheck. He is always looking for self-improvement and sets goal to be a better version of himself. Because he’s equipped with not just the skills but also discipline and perseverance, he is more likely to achieve these goals.

feel good

5. Fit employees generally “feel good”
Have you ever gone to work not feeling well? Did you feel irritated, sluggish, tired and not productive because you were not 100% yourself?

Healthy employees are generally happy people. Because they feel good inside, it radiates outside and gives them a happier and positive perspective of life. The positive effects of being healthy don’t just limit to their physical aspect but also radiates to their spiritual, mental and emotional state.

They are the type of co-workers that you would like to emulate since they always bring a positive vibe in the room.

6. A fit employee base presents excellent team-building opportunities.
Team building activities are important in every company as it does not only create an opportunity where your employees can relax and have fun, but it also promotes closer-working relationship. When your employees work together as a team, your company is bound to achieve greater things. Team-building opportunities though would be quite a challenge if your employees are sick and unwell. It would be hard for them to join these activities when they are under the weather. On the contrary, it’s a breeze planning your next team-building activity if your workforce is healthy and fit.

Personal development does not just benefit your employees. It is also a greater factor in the success of your company hence it is important that you should always aim in providing opportunities where your employees can improve their physical well-being.

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