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5 Ideas for Unique Photo Editing in 2020

In 2020, everyone can become a blogger. Just create your website or account in one of the popular social networks, for example, Instagram or YouTube. The difficulty is that you, as the owner of a personal resource, must provide your audience with interesting content.

Banal photos won't set you apart from the crowd. Only original ideas are valuable and can significantly speed up the process of recruiting followers or readers. The search for inspiration, for the author, is always a challenge. Here are 5 simple but stylish ideas that you can transform into a unique editing method for your content.

photo editing

1. Fantasy editing

Vivid scenes with contrasting colors and unexpected objects in the frame attract people and cause interest. The most popular feature of this style is the unnatural color of the sky. Make pink clouds with a purple sunset or combine your original photo with the image of the starry sky. During editing, change the size of objects in the photo, for example, make people smaller than things around. Insert links to scenes from fantasy movies and fairy tales.

The main principle of fantasy photos is the creation of what can't be in reality. Depending on the subject and purpose of the image, you can choose the appropriate effects and use different tools.

photo editing

2. Combine two photos

Merging multiple images helps create truly unique frames. Thus, you can give the photo a different meaning. Butterflies flying out of the abdomen, a man climbing skyscrapers like a ladder straight into the sky, or a lion walking around the office. Just let your imagination run wild. This effect is often used to show social opinion or to advertise a product.

The combined photos should look natural. Of course, the essence of such images is to show an unusual concept, but the “joints” between the photos should not be visible. It requires skill.

In addition, you can enlarge an image without losing quality using the online service ai image enlarger.

photo editing

3. Background change

Removing the background of an image is a good way to refresh the image. The image message doesn't change, but the visual becomes unique. In theory, it sounds simple, but in practice, it takes effort. It's difficult to replace the background so that it isn't noticeable. Therefore it's okay to use an additional image editor. RetouchMe offers this service Background Remover – - is also an online service that automatically removes the background from photo.

Plus you can remove background from your image for free using artificial intelligence with this background remover.

You can also obtain mobile and desktop presets for use in Lightroom. These editorial presets have been created based on the latest colour trends.

photo editing

4. Add words in the photo

Many will say that this trick is very simple and is used in every ad.  However, no one can say that you are forbidden to use it. Experiment with the words in the photo and make it your recognizable trait. Add explanations directly in the frame instead of banal captions. Sometimes it can be interactive. If you have a graphics tablet, you can do digital writings like on real paper.

photo editing

5. Combine digital elements with real photos

If you have a boring frame with real models and objects, add digital elements there that contrast in appearance with the surroundings. It can be emojis, icons of your smartphone, etc. The main thing is that everything is in harmony and complement each other, creating a story. Don't create a house filling space with random objects. This idea isn't suitable for all topics. It fits well if you have a young audience and the entertaining nature of the content.

Try adding digital pictures to your photos. You must be able or willing to learn how to draw and have a graphics tablet. Alternatively, hire an artist. This idea requires a lot of time or investment, but it pays off at the expense of a new audience that will notice an interesting visual presentation.

Choose one or combine all these ideas to unify your content. Remember that in 2020, when viewers know many aspects of advertising, the visual component and originality is the main secret of success.

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