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Understanding the Science of Analytics

While many of us may feel that we can make gut reactions based on our feelings, if we are being honest, it is often a better idea to make decisions based on actual data and experience. The unfortunate reality is that many organizations barely analyze much of their data. A remarkable 73% of data within an organization is never even analyzed at all.

Let’s say that you are on board with using analytics to better understand the reality of your company. You’re still likely only scratching the surface in terms of the science behind analytics, only using free tools such as Google Analytics. It may be time to step up your game and get on more advanced analytics platforms such as Google Analytics 360 - you’re likely going to benefit from some specialized analytics partners for this task.

Learn more about how to unlock the hidden potential of your data within your organization to help become a more data driven enterprise through the following visual deep dive below:

Understanding the Science of Analytics

Source: InfoTrust

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