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UAE Jobs for Foreigners

UAE jobs for foreigners are well paid, whether you are a flight attendant, hostess, crane operator or civil engineer. It remains to resolve the issue of a work visa so that you can live there.

What are the most required professions in UAE?

Some professions are available to everyone, provided that they have already had good experience in your country and are especially in demand:

  • driver

  • hostess

  • bartender

  • sports professions (sports coach, tennis or golf coach)

  • you can also get hired as a salesperson in a mall if you speak Arabic and English well.

If moving to work when you are unemployed in your home country is a good idea, then living in the Gulf countries is a radical cultural change, although meeting fellow countrymen in the UAE can help acclimatize, especially if you are looking to move to Dubai as a woman.

What job can you get if you have a diploma?

You can work:

  • in a beauty salon

  • in finance

  • in the hotel business

  • or become a manager.

You also need to find out about the legalization of diplomas in the selected country.

What else you need to know to work in the United Arab Emirates?

There are many foreigners working there, they represent 85% of the assets, which is a lot for the country's economy, although the government is making efforts to give priority to local workers. Be aware that you cannot be unemployed in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the Gulf as a foreigner because you have to work to live there, the same elsewhere in the emirates, otherwise you may be deported.

Areas where it is difficult to work

Some areas are mostly reserved for citizens such as:

  • administration,

  • bank branches

  • insurance companies

  • real estate agencies

  • travel agencies.

But no need to worry: there are still many open vacancies for foreigners, even in these sectors. Finally, it is young graduates with no experience who will have great difficulty getting their first job in Dubai.

What are the requirements for foreigners to work in UAE?

You need to speak English, always be prepared to change your business frequently. Mobility is essential if you want to start a professional career in the UAE.

What are the other opportunities?

Medical practice in Dubai:
There are modern hospitals for doctors and nurses. For foreign doctors, as well as for residents of the emirate. Many English-speaking doctors work there and apply European standards.


  1. General medicine

  2. Pediatrics

  3. Pediatric pneumology

  4. Obstetrics and gynecology

  5. Rheumatology

  6. Aesthetic medicine

  7. Physiotherapy

  8. Nurses

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