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Types of Jewellery & Classification

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Throughout the history of bijouterie, jewelleries have not lost their value till date. In ancient times, people wore animal teeth and all kinds of stones in strings. Later, the jewellery acquired the form of various kinds of coloured glass and stones. Then there were bracelets, earrings and necklaces made of precious metals. Today, the range of jewellery is so wide that you can choose the right option virtually and choose an online jewellery shop Australia where you can get them. There are thousands of colours, shapes, sizes and styles that can satisfy the needs of even the choosiest people. For instance, women enthusiastically wear wedding and engagement rings with ruby, click here to check the latest collection.

All types of jewelleries can be roughly divided into several categories, depending on the materials of manufacture, artistic style and purpose. We will talk further about what types of jewelleries are and what are their distinctive features.

Manufacturing Jewels

Jewelleries are mostly manufactured with precious stones, gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and many other materials and accessories. Based on what the jewellery is covered with and what additional decorative elements are used to decorate it, the following types of jewellery can be classified:


These are artificial jewelleries that copy precious jewellery and are made using gold and silver plating. They can be produced both by single craftsmen and by large fashion houses like Chanel, Gucci, Dior, etc. They belong to the highest price group, but they are still considered inexpensive jewellery in comparison with real jewellery. Moreover, they ideally imitate expensive coatings and precious stones.


The main feature is only high-quality imitations of precious stones are used in the composition, as well as gold and silver of the highest standard for spraying. Often, there are various types of enamels, which, in combination with an elegant frame, give the accessories a look that is in no way inferior to ones in the jewellery stores.


A group of gift jewellery, the style of which is always based on some kind of surprise. For example, an opening medallion on a chain, a bracelet with a cache, etc. They are rarely used as accessories for clothing. More suitable as a pleasant gift for a loved one.


Products made by hand from leather, beads, glass, thread, plastic elements, wire, etc. They always have a unique style that endows the image with creativity and extravagance.

If you choose the right accessories, any of the above groups can become the centrepiece of your outfit. The main thing is to take into account the general style of clothing and the reason for which you wear glitter.

Classification by style and purpose

The artistic styling plays an important role in the selection of jewellery. It is clear that they are all very beautiful and exquisite, but according to a number of design features, they can be divided into several large groups:

Art deco

The founder of this trend is Coco Chanel herself, who became the trendsetter of the last century. The main concepts inherent in the Art Deco style are the maximum luxury and chic. Extravagant jewellery of non-standard shapes, made in bold colours, is what will allow you to show off your beauty at any event. The most prominent representatives of this category of trinkets are wide bracelets, cocktail rings, earrings with long pendants, etc.


Another style that appeared with the light hand of Coco Chanel at a time when a tax on jewellery was introduced in France. The designers, driven into rigid frames, nevertheless found a way out of the situation and began to create accessories by connecting different parts of chains, different in color, shape and size of stones, and available materials. The result is absolutely unique and inimitable designs, which are now very popular all over the world.


Everything is simple here. The "retro" style repeats the fashion trends that were relevant almost 50 years ago. Natural metals, stones, alloys and materials at hand are used to recreate old designs, from bronze to bird feathers and enamel.

Art Nouveau

A real storehouse of bright colours, plant and animal ornaments. How are these decorations different from others? Picturesque, abundance of various forms and images of animals, birds and insects.


Popular in narrow circles style, which is characterized by an abundance of rhinestones, shiny glass inserts and stones. The brighter the accessory shines, the more glamorous it is considered. An ideal choice for social gatherings where shocking is welcome.

There are also varieties of jewellery, depending on their purpose:


The largest group for everyday walks, shopping, study, etc. There are no placers of precious stones and their imitation, no catchy feathers, Swarovski crystals and other "flashy" elements. The main task of jewellery is to emphasize the femininity of the wearer and create a soft accent in the image.


As a rule, the office always has its own unspoken dress code, which must be adhered to if you do not want to distract colleagues from work and incur anger from the authorities. Moreover, this dress code applies equally to clothing and accessories. They should be as restrained and laconic as possible. Office jewellery can have different prices, it can be glamorous, extravagant, and exotic, but always up to a certain limit.


There will no longer be any strict framework and restrictions. Evening accessories simply cannot be overly flashy. It all depends on the specific outfit, mood and nature of the celebration. So, dating jewellery will be very different from club models. In the first case, refinement and sophistication are important, in the second - colourful and shocking;


The last group of jewellery, the main distinguishing feature of which is impeccability in everything, from design to shape. All attention this day will be on the bride, and she must look perfect. The design is dominated by real precious stones or their high-quality imitation, as well as natural coatings of gold, silver and platinum.

The modern choice of jewellery is amazing. And to look great in any situation, you don't even need to follow the latest news from the fashion world. It is enough to decide on the reason, the preferred style and materials of manufacture. Everything else is a matter of technology!

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